Boston Report – Orchard’s ‘Pollen’ Video

“Pollen” is the latest video by Orchard Skateshop videographer Ted Purtell.

Those who were around for a — um, let’s say — “slower cook-time” era of skateboard media, will appreciate what Orchard and Mr. Purtell have done here.

Rather than siphoning all their B-roll into bite-size edits for our most scrollable platforms, they’ve created a video magazine of sorts for the shop that sits at the center of the Boston skate scene.

You have a farewell #spotcheck for the Copley fountain, a local fixture dating back to the days when Jahmal Williams skated 48mm wheels.

You have your standard-issue crew montage tackling some of Boston’s crustier, less ledge-y destinations and beyond.

You have a week in Detroit with the ever-productive Brian Reid.

And finally, you have a credits section, which in and of itself is somewhat of a lost art in modern skate videos.

After ten minutes of your time, you have a way better concept of what the fuck is going on in the Boston scene than you would’ve gathered by watching the ten Insta clips that could’ve been molded from the same exact timeline of footage — and in these fickle days and times, that’s a victory ✅

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