Boston Report – Orchard’s ‘Pollen’ Video

“Pollen” is the latest video by Orchard Skateshop videographer Ted Purtell.

Those who were around for a — um, let’s say — “slower cook-time” era of skateboard media, will appreciate what Orchard and Mr. Purtell have done here.

Rather than siphoning all their B-roll into bite-size edits for our most scrollable platforms, they’ve created a video magazine of sorts for the shop that sits at the center of the Boston skate scene.

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Monday Viewing — Sexhippies’ ‘Sexwax’ Video

“Sexwax” is the latest video from Sexhippies and Orchard Skateshop videographer, Ted Purtell. Filmed in New York, Albany, and Springfield, Massachusetts, it’s the follow-up to this past winter’s inaugural “Hi” video with a small parts’ worth of footage from Eddie and Jojo Vargas + appearances from Cooper Qua, Zac Gavin, Jasper Dohrs, Carlos Kanter and Colby Strong. Fence scrapes seem to be on the rise (that ender spot is some shit you’d expect from a video out the northern U.K. crust), and there’s a tre in there worthy of the pantheon of emphatically rotated Photosynthesis tre’s.

And if you’re just joining and wondering “wtf is Sexhippies?” — Village Psychic got the backstory a few months ago re: the origins of the brand and how the crew came together.

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