Nothing Boosts Crew Morale Quite Like A Later Sunset

Blades via @whatisnewyork

Thrasher‘s “This Old Ledge” series with Ted Barrow is back, this time in New York. The first episode is about the Brooklyn Banks. Forgot about that Austyn ollie — so nuts.

Jack Greer put Circles in Tompkins Square, his doc / slice of life video that was filmed while hanging out at T.F. every single day in 2016, live on his YouTube page. Even the Tompkins of eight years ago feels like it is on an absolutely different planet.

Rory Milanes and Danny Brady filmed a joint part in Catania, Sicily to commemorate their new shoe for Vans. The fact that Brady just goes to Sicily whenever he needs to get a bunch of footage fast is a beautiful thing. He’s been doing it since his welcome to Palace part.

Austin Bristow just dropped Portiions — the sequel to his video from three years ago that gave the world “San Miguel? Awww, stinkin!” Includes footage from every Palace rider (even Juan!), the Limo-verse, Nik Stain, Tiko (!!), and a part-worth of incredible Tom Snape footage. It should’ve been its own post here on Friday, but it dropped just after we left the office ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“There was a $1000 reward from Zoo York for whoever filmed the best trick in the video and Robbie [Gangemi] took the loot for that one.” Huck has a retrospective on Zoo York’s Mixtape video.

“We would even argue there is no handrail that was the first handrail for as many people as this one was.” Pocket and Enrique Lorenzo re-built the famous St. Marti Rail in Barcelona, which you’ll recognize from any 20-year-old skate video.

Jenkem got the backstory of how the Love Park granite ended up in Malmö, Sweden.

…aaanndd the Late Nite Stars crew helms the latest Jenkem Mix.

Hefty Krew posted a new edit of their crew sessioning the Jerry Bench under the Harlem River Driver, with some bonus Banks footy at the end :)

Recycled footy and some bonus angles from the the Orchard video that dropped last summer.

Really enjoyed Dakota Servold’s new one — probably because it feels so current in the level of skating, and simultaneously put together like a *BIG PART* from yesteryear. Boil the Ocean contends that it is a one-man Transworld video.

“My point is that whether it’s a skate, a walk, a drive or a train ride away, spatial separation of different styles of skating is not unprecedented and in fact it more closely aligns with skateboarding’s history.” Dave Caddo is back on SubStack, advocating for more space between obstacles in skateparks.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — An eight-minute comp of Insta clips from the Bronze crew.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Could only be one thing this week. Ladies and gentlemen, Anthony Edwards.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “I just realized that Punk & Yo is day of the week French kid.” — Sean Kinney

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