It’s Not Bro Time It’s Showtime

Photo via The Shady One

Everything is a YouTube link this week, so if you’re showing up here to get your read on, you’re better off taking your ass to the library ;)

Antics is a sick 18-minute New Jersey video by Hugh O’Hare, featuring a mix of homies from Branded and Travel Skateshops. Lots of time put in at the Newark Peach Ledges and Big Screen Plaza (still boarded off unchanged, btw.) Shout out to anyone grinding the edge of a glass pane. Shout out to the drop-in at Museum of Natural History (those security guards sure have had an interesting pandemic….) Shout out to Anthony Gordon’s part and front crook fakie.

It is *so hard* to show off your great skate hair in a winter edit. 80% of the footy in Josh Payner’s new winter video blog is in beanies, hoodies and gloves, so the skating itself is left to do the talking :) Also, these edits are awesome and inspiring. Here’s the first one.

Palace turned Heitor Da Silva pro, and he collabed with Fleetwood Mac on a new part filmed in London + Copenhagen/Malmö. Zubr also compiled a trove of Heitor IG loosies for an unofficial celebration reel.

Palace has a new London edit out featuring Kyle Wilson skating over more things that people skate on. Looks like even they’ve caved to the HD tide.

The Yardsale boys shared raw footy edits from Paris and Budapest while filming for YS2.

A quick edit from Seaport version 9.3, which remains partially uncapped (and covered from the elements!), at least for now.

“Have these individuals locked up. Point blank.” Some Bobby Worrest raw clips via Bust Crew from a D.C. filming trip a year back.

A heavy dose of Upstate New York crust in Evan Dow’s “Rather Be Workin'” part.

Take Time” is the new edit from John Petras and his Pittsburgh crew. Features some travel footy and what feels like extras from the Celine video.

Winter skateboarding in Toronto is quite literally forced to go underground. Enjoyed this Canadian winter edit by Ryan Buxton, spotted via Skate Jawn.

Month-late on this, but the NYT “Popcast” on MF DOOM’s legacy is full of great anecdotes about a man who only few knew closely.

Quote of the Week: “I was actually wondering about that… the internet must’ve sucked before memes.” — Etienne Gagne

Two hours of nineties R&B house bootlegs to help you get through this wretched second half of the most wretched month in New York ♥