Summer 2k19 4ever

Photo via Stafhon

#SaveTompkins in The New York Times. Sign and share the petition to keep synthetic turf off the courts at Tompkins.

The JHAKX video from Takeshi Nagamatsu has a New York section to start it off, plus a lot of familiar faces. It’s funny to see the metal strips across the Cooper Union bank get defeated one at a time over the years.

Pleasure” is a 20-minute NJ/NYC/Philly video by Hugh O’Hare, and “Don’t Smoke That Wood In Here” is a 10-minute NJ/NYC/Philly video by the Lottery Boiz. Shout out to the enduring badness of bust-free ledges in the greater New York metropolitan area, which causes all of us to still drive out to Staten Island to skate P.S. 6…in 2019. Also, of course skaters wasted no time editing something to Young Thug’s late summer beach anthem, but tbh, “went from boogie board shorty and now I’m the big kahuna” is a lot to live up to.

#Mandatorypost of #TylerTuftycontent for our core readership.

The truly ahead of his time Scott Kane is the latest guest on The Bunt.

A sick Lenox line and a #deepcut Steven Cales homage in Jed Coldwell’s Afterbang part.

Shawn Powers has a “Day in the Life”-esque “Out There” thing up on Thrasher. Shout out to Cibao on Clinton Street. Fire chicken noodle soup for the winter, and drunk rice and beans > drunk dollar slices.

“I have two suits but I fucking wore them probably like three times in the past 20 years but I’ve never worn a tie.” Anthony van Englen talked to Solo about not wearing a fucking tie, and not sweating the small stuff at 40+.

The Slam City Skates blog has an interview with Bobby Puleo about aesthetics ‘n stuff.

Free has an article / mini profile of Tyshawn from his trip to London for the Adidas can jam event where Kyle Wilson did one of 2019’s #tricksheadaroundtheworld.

Did a quick Twitter thread on the hill bombs from Loophole Wheels’ trip video to Korea + Japan, but you should give the full thing a whirl. Can’t say our unsteady hands fawn over great filming much in the QS office, but wow @ the filming in that clip ♥

Fred Gall’s favorite skater is Sean Sheffey.

This is an incredible, maddening, awesome, frustrating sign off from quitting a job after a bunch of rich fuckheads who don’t know shit about anything showed up to dumb down your #content.

Quote of the Week: “Omar Hansen [sic] is the best skater on Instagram right now.” — Jason Byoun

Can’t really expect a 41-year-old Jeezy on his “retirement album” to motivate the masses the same way he did when he was president of the United States from 2005 to 2008, but it’s foolish to think he’d completely leave you hanging.

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