Trust Your Kickflip

Nolan Zangas’ photography book, So Far So Good, is now for sale online.

Greg Navarro’s follow-up to 2021’s Upper West Side Curb Club, which was filmed entirely at the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, will be The Central Park Flatground Club, a video entirely filmed within the confines of Central Park’s 842 acres — a place not exactly known for its abundance of skateable objects.

“It can be a delicate dance to do something you love for money. I’m sure I could have kept my career going for a while, and it was tempting to do that because I was making really good money, but I felt strongly I needed to do something else.” Jenkem interviewed known goat John Gardner about leaving his pro skateboarding career behind so he could focus on doing mental health counseling. Godspeed, John ❤️

“New York was the one where I was, like, ‘Holy shit, these are skate spots.'” Closer posted up Farran Golding’s interview with Nelly Morville from their last issue on their website.

The Bluecouch crew has a new half California / half New York springtime edit out.

Sexhippies has a new half L.A. / half Western Mass edit out celebrating their Converse One-Star collaboration, with a bunch of footy from the Vargas brothers, Sean Pablo, and other familiar faces.

Have added Connor Noll’s “JFK Lost & Found” part, filmed entirely at the JFK Fountain in Cambridge, MA to the Quartersnacks One-Spot Part Map 📍 (We’re currently 12 shy of 100 one-spot parts!)

Naquan Rollings’s latest installment of “Roadkill” for Thrasher is all filmed in New York, and the best one yet. Lines inside the Fulton Street subway! Thomas Dritsas’ bluntslide at Battery! Tricks on the second level of the Columbus Circle statue!

Vague has the rough extended cut of Pat Hoblin’s INT3RDIM3NSIONS part from last winter.

Nonni and the French crew have a new Paris edit out featuring a lot of the classique spots.

Also in French: K-Rod, Hjalte & Heitor spotted in “Dawn,” a Paris bro cam edit by Rustik.

The Rat Ratz crew + Seven and Troy Gipson ripped around Milan in an edit for the new Supreme x Nike Darwin shoe.

Big from Fancy Lad is the latest subject of Skate Jawn‘s “$100 Chill” feature.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Two-and-a-half minutes of Gabe Thompson loosies + six minutes from Karim Callender + five minutes from Patrick O’Mara.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — This should be a Jalen Brunson play but not trying to jinx anything. It was in the loss to the Lakers, but Joker’s “pass” was …jokes. (For any non-Lakers fan, one of life’s greatest joys is watching the Lakers get swept, c’est la vie…)

Quote of the Week 🗣
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Have you ever pitched a Super Pollo x Bronze collab?”
Peter Sidlauskas: “I wanted to do something with the green sauce. I asked for the recipe and they looked like they wanted to kill me.”

Time flies. Or something like that.

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