It’s wild that this thing reached a level of being skated-enough to where the city actually went out of their way to knob the ledge. This photo certainly does the spot the most justice out of all the coverage you’ve seen on it • 📸 Mike Heikkila on the photo, Thomas Dritsas on the board.

Enjoyed “Whistle” a lot — a Washington D.C. video by Eddie Gutierrez that at once feels nostalgic while firmly of the moment. A lot of unfamiliar faces to those outside the D.C. scene, though it’s hard not to wish you knew who some of them were (to the chagrin of the position that homie videos should have titles.) Skate Jawn has an interview with Eddie about the video’s creation as well.

Village Psychic has a part-by-part deep-dive of what it would take to make a sustainable skateboard.

9 hugs, 41 blunts, and 54 slams — 4Ply Mag went ahead and crunched the numbers on Shake Junt’s new video, Shrimp Blunt.

A half hour of Tyshawn loosies!

Four (only four?) minutes of Hjalte loosies!

Few things in skateboarding look as cool as Tokyo night footage: “StreetJunkeez Volume 2” from Kenta Okamoto. (There’s day footy too!)

Congrats to Haffa on the new part ❤️

It’s Blue Park in 1989 but in 2022 via Magic Brain’s “X” video.

“Skating…I kind of equate it to college. You’re just buying time. It’s a real thing, but it’s kind of not a real thing.” Our friend Jimmy Gorecki is the latest guest on The Bunt. (And yeah, that Anthony Correa flatbar trick from Mixtape is one of the most hypnotic skate tricks ever, and that shit flies by in two seconds. Had to gif that!)

The Thick Of It” — Boil the Ocean discusses the crossroads of disinformation, fact-checking, and interviewing in modern skate media.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Wolves v.s. Grizzlies is obvs the best series of the first round, right?

Quote of the Week 🗣
Unobservant Gentleman: “That dude seems like a dick.”
E.J: “Nah. He’s just fried. He’s the nicest fried homie.”

Rest in Peace Kay Slay, responsible for getting 110 rappers on a single song, host of iconic Dipset mixtapes, our spirit guide through every rap beef of the early 2000s, Style Wars alumn, and so much more.


  1. “Who’s going to host an affordable housing debate with Mikey Taylor”

  2. I’ll never forget the first time popping in the mixtape CD and hearing Alphabetical Slaughter – classic 2000’s moment

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