Big Up…To All My Haters


Shawty Lo died in a car crash early yesterday morning. No, Lo has no place in the canon of skate video music supervision. In fact, he’s exactly the sort of artist whose music geriatric skater types will insist you are using “ironically” in YouTube comments.

Quartersnacks has often utilized a #musicsupervision approach akin to a video like Trilogy: a 1996 video full of songs released in 1996, mirroring what the people involved in making it were actually listening to during the time. For that same reason, there has always been a special joy in major videos using songs that soundtracked a summer, or helped us power through a winter. I had an ear-to-ear smile on my face the second I heard the “I Love It” beat at the start of Biebel’s Fully Flared section for the first time. Even in those middle school years when RJD2 was cool, there was something validating about hearing it in Mosaic.

That same joy of skate videos using songs that pushpin memories into your mind doesn’t exist anymore. A mixtape will come out, and by the end of the week, there are three Insta clips to songs off it, and at least one new video in your YouTube subscription feed using the same tune for a trip clip. Nobody is going to skate to “Brocolli” in a major video next year, and if someone does, who cares.

It was the the start of 2008, and Jeezy hadn’t released an album in over a year. This was when he was at the height of his powers — the most effective motivational speaker on a desperate planet approaching a recession, and in need of a spark. To hold us over, he dropped Ice Cream Man Part 2, which included the remix to Shawty Lo’s “Dey Know.” The regular version was everywhere at that point: the horns were infectious, and the initial beat drop is the sonic equivalent of when the ball swishes through the hoop for the win at the buzzer. The remix gave it a second life, soundtracking every skate trip car ride that spring, and essential at the parties that we were able to sneak into.

Most skaters in 2008 didn’t take the Trilogy soundtracking approach. They’d rather edit to a Big L song, or a remix of a Big L song, or a remix of a remix of a Big L song remixed by a guy who specializes in remixing Big L songs. Someone skating to “Dey Know” in the year it peaked would’ve been massive; it’s the perfect fit for the second part of a video. In 2009, it would’ve been cool. Nobody skated to it until 2013.

Theotis’ part in the Shake Junt video isn’t particularly seminal or even well-edited. It looks like they slapped it together with what they had, but it’s the only thing I remember from that video. It made me remember those spring night drives to skate the Bridgeport ledges, and those nights skating midtown with the “Dey Know” remix on the iPod. Hearing those horns over any sort of skating gave me the same feeling of first hearing “I Love It” in Biebel’s part, even if Theotis’ part in the chicken bone video was nowhere near the generation-defining event Lakai’s was.

There hasn’t been as profound of a moment for one of those songs that encapsulates an entire season in much the same way since — probably because they only muffle under skate noises from iPhone speakers now, 60 seconds at a time.

R.I.P. Shawty Lo. Big up…to all my haters.

Winter Video Round-Up: Shake Junt, Nike SB & Sk8Mafia

Two white cups and I got that drink, could be purple and could be pink…

(Just realized the phrase “Winter Video Round-Up” originates from Boil the Ocean, so shout out to that guy.)

It will be snowing in a few weeks, and the average length of a skate video in 2011 is about as long as the original cut of Once Upon a Time in America. So, if you didn’t watch a lot of full videos this year, you’re about to have an opportune time to do so. (Just kidding, we’ll all probably just go to the bar, right?) Here are three that came out in the past few weeks, and will likely be the last major releases until the spring.

Shake Junt — Chickenbonenowison

Shake Junt is the only company with the luxury of being able to make a digestible, 68-minute video. They are self-aware enough to acknowledge their position as mainstream skateboarding’s last remaining purveyor of ignorance and hi-jinx. Their latest can thus justify straying away from the skate video’s natural function of being watched as motivation prior to actual skating, because the company’s videos serve as a superior post-session viewing experience. While watching Chickenbonenowison, thoughts of beer and similar intoxicants are as, if not more, prevalent as thoughts of nollie flips, which is why it was made to be viewed as an interlude between the day’s skate session and the night’s party-related activities (hopefully with a thirty pack and a group of friends.)

While we solved the question of why this video would allow itself to run so long, several other questions remain. For instance: It’s good to know that Antwuan Dixon and Shawn Powers have the same “Song of the Year 2011” vote, but why on earth does he own a Drake shirt? How responsible was QS in the video’s inclusion of a lighter, more rap-oriented Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman shared part, given that we fixed the two that originally appeared in Stay Gold? And finally, could Steve Nash possibly be Bryan Herman’s father?

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Getting There…

59 today, 58 tomorrow, can’t really complain…yet.

The Pittsburgh homies from One-Up did a cross country trip this past summer, and have started to upload doc-style clips from it in small pieces. The first installment is for Minneapolis. It’s not too heavy on actual skate footage, but serves as a good reminder that it’s never too early to start planning a summer road trip, even at the onset of winter.

There’s a new Krispy Du-Rag clip out. All Maloof Park and House of Vans footage, but Luis Tolentino does some pretty sick stuff in there. Manny Santiago also dropped a new, quick clip of some Luis footage.

Two new teasers for the Poisonous Products video. The Rob Campbell cameo and abundance of Leo Gutman appearances make this video look real promising. It’s available on DVD for $7.99 over at the Color site, but “Allow 4 weeks for shipping” sounds a bit crazy in this day and age. That’s longer than the iPhone 4S waitlist.

There’s an art installation on 46th Street and Eighth Avenue right now, described as “a massive sculpture that represents suburban over-development and its effect on our natural landscapes.” Given that people skate on cars, in abandoned water parks (that Grant Taylor part in the SB video is insane), and other absurd obstacles nowadays, it wouldn’t be surprising if someone broke in to get a clip on it. (Or arrested.) Overhead view here.

Quartersnacks shot/edited Black Dave’s newest music video for his song “One Take.” He’s in skateboarder form, rather than his Black Donald Trump alter-ego, but B.D.T. is set to make a comeback sooner than later.

If you don’t personally know the G Man, and have only been able to gather a composite of his character based on his skating and endless Quote of the Week appearances, watching his latest Flip Cam clip is the best way to get to know him without actually having a conversation. A lot of ditch footage, piglets, flowers, llamas getting shaved, strippers, and a Future/Travis Porter/French Montana soundtrack that encompasses 90% of the music that matters in 2011.

Eye-Roll of the Week: Some French people are seriously making a skateboard video called Breathless. Wowwwwwwwww. (If you don’t “get it,” be grateful.)

YouTube redesigned its channel pages and made them slightly less cluttered. So, subscribe to Quartersnacks on YouTube if you have yet to do so, and browse through some of the oldies.

This is going to get deleted, and we already told you to buy the Shake Junt video, but here’s Dollin’s ender part in glorious 240p. Buy the video, you’re going to watch it a lot this winter.

Ridin’ Around the City With the Calculator, Gettin’ It In

72 degrees with Christmas decorations out. Can’t think of a better way to end a November. Remember that exactly one month ago, on the Saturday before Halloween, it was snowing.

Ian Reid unveiled the intro to Streets Is Talking, the much-delayed sequel to his previous opus of New York City insanity and ignorance (with some skateboarding sprinkled between.) It’s probably going to take a while until the full version is out.

Shout out to the City of Montreal. Leave it up to the French Canadians to respect the history of a legendary skate spot, and to spend money on relocating a 175-ton concrete structure used solely for skateboarding. As always, fuck John Street.

Apparently, the Palace CC Chanel link shirt that everyone wants goes for $120+ on the re-sale market.

Make a show where Dylan Rieder is an undercover cop. He carries a gun, shoots fools, blazes mad models, but is secretly in love with this super cute girl next door type. He does 4 foot high impossibles, busts drug dealers…”

Backside tailslide kickflip out to regular over the Flushing grate.

Hearing the opening horns to the “Dey Know” remix at the start of Theotis’ part in the Shake Junt video is up there with hearing the words “House real big…” when watching Fully Flared for the first time. Notice that use of both songs was about three years late. Three years from now, someone is going to realize “Rollin’” was basically made for strip clubs and skate videos.

Spot Updates: 1) The two planters that were blocking off the four-stair ledges at Ziegfeld were moved. That means you can skate both of the ledges off the four on the south side of the plaza now. That doesn’t mean the spot isn’t a mega-bust anymore. 2) Not sure if anyone skates here anymore, but there’s a scaffold at Italian Ledges that blocks off a portion of the spot, and also the most apparent video camera. 3) This place looks like it might could be a good skate spot upon completion.

New Music From Black Dave:I ain’t buying you a drink, bitch. I ain’t T-Pain.”

Quote of the Week:

By the way, if you don’t have at least five friends, a bottle of Hennessy, and a thirty-pack to watch the new Shake Junt video with, don’t watch it until you do. Don’t ruin the experience and watch it by yourself. KCDC has copies for $15.

When you’re in the club and you see me – High five!

The block said, ‘Dro you need to drop.’ Well, here it go…

Attempting to out-do the infamous MTA montage, the Mandible Claw crew put out a “Rush Hour” clip centered around skitching, and skating on motor vehicles. Considering there are no Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker cameos, they should’ve just named this “Arrest me, please.” Cops seem pretty content to kick people’s asses for no real reason these days, so God bless Colin and the rest of the crew for risking themselves for our entertainment.

The underground king of Queens, Rob Campbell, has a new “Day in the Life” clip up for his company, New Breed skateboards.

Will skateboarders ever get tired of editing things to songs from Jeru the Damaja’s first album? Probably not. Back tail stall at the Bubble Banks is real sick though, and Future’s debut album, Pluto, drops on 01/31/12.

In an effort to remedy “soft music” criticisms stemming from their first throwaway clip, the “Death Video” crew called upon the services of Cameron Giles and put out an “ignorant edit” promo. Why would anyone want to ollie off that small hut at the Queensboro Bridge downhill ledges?

Late, but insane: You apparently cannot skate the Thomas Greene Park spot (a place designated built for skateboarding) unless you are accompanying a small child. Good to know that the NYPD has its priorities in order when it comes to Brooklyn.

Events: 1) If you’re into art and stuff, the Gonz is having an exhibition of photos and illustrations from the past year starting tomorrow and lasting through January 7. 2) The Shake Junt video premieres at KCDC this Sunday. 3) Jeremy Elkin’s new, NYC-based video, Poisonous Products premieres tomorrow at 74A East 4th Street at 8:30 P.M. Flyer here.

Spot Updates: 1) Who’s the genius that decided to knob the ledges — yes, the ledges — at Brick Nine? “Why are they still skating here? I thought they were supposed to stop skating?” 2) You obviously can’t skate World Trade anymore because of the protests, but Chase is also blocked off on account of them.

Quote of the Week: “Yo, Chinatown is crazy. I feel like I’m in Tokyo.” — E.J.

P.S. People in Jersey are real smart. Well, maybe not as smart as this guy.

P.P.S. Payless has a knock-off of the Dylan Gravis shoe on sale for $13.