When you’re in the club and you see me – High five!

The block said, ‘Dro you need to drop.’ Well, here it go…

Attempting to out-do the infamous MTA montage, the Mandible Claw crew put out a “Rush Hour” clip centered around skitching, and skating on motor vehicles. Considering there are no Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker cameos, they should’ve just named this “Arrest me, please.” Cops seem pretty content to kick people’s asses for no real reason these days, so God bless Colin and the rest of the crew for risking themselves for our entertainment.

The underground king of Queens, Rob Campbell, has a new “Day in the Life” clip up for his company, New Breed skateboards.

Will skateboarders ever get tired of editing things to songs from Jeru the Damaja’s first album? Probably not. Back tail stall at the Bubble Banks is real sick though, and Future’s debut album, Pluto, drops on 01/31/12.

In an effort to remedy “soft music” criticisms stemming from their first throwaway clip, the “Death Video” crew called upon the services of Cameron Giles and put out an “ignorant edit” promo. Why would anyone want to ollie off that small hut at the Queensboro Bridge downhill ledges?

Late, but insane: You apparently cannot skate the Thomas Greene Park spot (a place designated built for skateboarding) unless you are accompanying a small child. Good to know that the NYPD has its priorities in order when it comes to Brooklyn.

Events: 1) If you’re into art and stuff, the Gonz is having an exhibition of photos and illustrations from the past year starting tomorrow and lasting through January 7. 2) The Shake Junt video premieres at KCDC this Sunday. 3) Jeremy Elkin’s new, NYC-based video, Poisonous Products premieres tomorrow at 74A East 4th Street at 8:30 P.M. Flyer here.

Spot Updates: 1) Who’s the genius that decided to knob the ledges — yes, the ledges — at Brick Nine? “Why are they still skating here? I thought they were supposed to stop skating?” 2) You obviously can’t skate World Trade anymore because of the protests, but Chase is also blocked off on account of them.

Quote of the Week: “Yo, Chinatown is crazy. I feel like I’m in Tokyo.” — E.J.

P.S. People in Jersey are real smart. Well, maybe not as smart as this guy.

P.P.S. Payless has a knock-off of the Dylan Gravis shoe on sale for $13.


  1. that car skating clip is some real dumbass florida shit. its cool but it’d be perfectly understandable if they all got beat the fuck up for all that shit.

  2. isn’t that leo heinert? and some of the other dudes may not be from new york, but they live here now, i’m into it. who cares where they’re from when they’re putting out dope shit like this? fucking elkin’s from canada, he’s a super prick but nobody’s complaining

  3. let them do whatever eventually they’ll slip up and it’ll be just as funny.

    truth about canada boy george.

  4. wait didnt some fl kids already get jumped and their camera equipment broke at lennox for skating some dudes bumper? i think it was either last summer or 2009?

  5. Florida Skaters that matter: Joel Meinholz, Jimmy Lannon, Steve Brandi, Danny Dirt, Brian Delatorre, Ed Selego, Billy Rohan. May have missed a couple…The rest, about as average as myself skating 12th and A.

  6. Maybe their next NYC clip will show them muscling up enough money to make it back down south to there Mom and Dads house in time for winter……..soft serve

  7. yeeeehhhh bwwwoooiiiii we up in diz piece all ma homie dawgs from nyc wasssuuupppp

    got a crib up in brooklyn momz pays the rent
    if you don’t like my rhymes you can fookin get bent
    skatin on da car gunna leave a fookin dent
    momz i need more cash all that fookin shit spent

  8. Who in this in from Florida? I saw Leo, Brett from KCDC, that whatit.be dude, that dude Piro from the Bronx… I don’t know who the rest are, I guess they’re from Florida?

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