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QS x Cons Available March 1 🏀

Vague has a premiere of Brian Powderly’s Static 6 part. Ollieing into that smudge of asphalt on the other side of the Ridgewood Reservoir spot is, as they say, ~completely unhinged~.

Vague also sat down for an extended video chat with three of the principal filmers behind the Static series to talk all the things that skate videographers talk about 🧠

Another Vague link?! Yes, another Vague link: they interviewed Hopps teamrrider and QS office favorite, Kyler Garrison.

Marta_NYC” is a chill Summer Trip to New York edit by the HandyCaps crew — homies of our homies at Place ;) Seems like that Pyramid Ledge construction is manageable for the mentally strong.

Carl Aikens has a mini part out for Venture Trucks.

The Boltswagen crew out of Montreal has a new video out full of Canadian ledge-ery.

Baker had 239 tricks and Deathwish had 122 tricks. 4PLY ran the numbers on Baker Has a Deathwish 2.

Palace, Supreme & The Interplanetary Search For Streetwear Salvation” (or something or other) via Boil the Ocean.

“They want to shoot bangers. The second you got to shoot a portrait, they’re fucking petrified…We miss out on so many moments because we’re just talking trained to define people as their tricks.” Anthony Pappalardo the Writer interviewed Matt Price of Golden Hour about what it’s like being a working skate photographer in 2024.

You’ve likely heard that Vice is shuttering its website and laying off a lot [more] of its workforce (“We always joked that VICE would end up being 20 overpaid executives in a room saying ‘why don’t we just pivot to TikTok’ to each other and now it’s happening.”) While the site was obvs a shell of its onetime self, many of your favorite #skate #content #creators have contributed to over the years. Ironically, one of our office favorite Vice site articles was Hanson O’Haver’s chronicle of another gutted media institution: “The Oral History of Transworld Skateboarding.” Can’t wait to pivot to TikTok!

The Jeezy “Tiny Desk” certainly tugs at the QS mythology heartstrings ☃ “I know one thing, you better not let mama be the hypest one in here.”

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — 4 minutes from the Limosine crew + 4 minutes from Ville Wester.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Always kinda boring giving one of these to Steph, but at least its not a deep three.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “I can only skate once a week, but I can hang out every day.” — Kevin Tierney

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