Down & Out in [Downtown] New York City — An XL Update of Demoralizing #spotchecks

That swath of street from Blubba, through the Banks, onto Water Street and into Battery Park is something like the Vegas strip for New York skate spots. If you’ve taken advantage of these recent warm days and hit downtown, you have noticed there is substantially less to skate at the strip’s southern end in 2024.

Let us start from the bottom and head up.

The Battery Park slanted ledges are done. Obviously those silver rail things nearby have been under construction for a while now, but that construction now extended into the most oft-skated section. Anything that was skateable in this portion of the park except the short out ledges is fenced off and being demolished.

The rendering of the new park looks like shit.

Next, the plaza across from the Veteran’s Plaza is fenced off for construction. It looks like the lil’ pad off the three is staying in the new version, but the streetside ledges, etc. are going.

The rendering of the new park looks like shit.

(And it’s been fenced off since the summer, but that brick bank that everyone front blunts into was demolished, too.)

Moving right along…

The white plaza across from Pyramid Ledges, which was conspicuously not a bust for much of last year (see #22) — I guess we now know why — is fenced off for “enhancing.” They’re oddly keeping some of the outside [knobbed] ledges, but…

…the rendering of the new park looks like shit.

Last but not least, we have old faithful, Spikey McSpikester, Brickzilla, the keeper of many wasted hours, a legend of “ABD” comments: Pyramid Ledges itself.

The construction in the landing zone has been there since the summer, but it looks like ConEd expanded it even more. Considering there have been in-progress ConEd projects dating back to the Mesopotamians, the landing might not be a go for quite some time. Or they’ll just pack it up tomorrow to make us look stupid.

At press time, no rendering that looks like shit was available for Pyramid Ledges.

(Eh, maybe that new Battery will have a spot or two tucked into it.)

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