‘SHAKE IT DOES IT RAINBOW’ — A New Edit From The Crew That Brought You ‘RESPECTFULLY’

Just shy of the one-year anniversary of RESPECTFULLY, Chase Walker and the boys dropped “Shake It Does It Rainbow.” Though not as heavy on the footage from RESPECTFULLY stars Trung Nguyen and Zak Anders (Zak actually had a solo part drop with Chase two months ago…), but it does include what amounts to probably a parts-worth of footage from Kyler Garrison + a nice Alan Bell midtown cameo. Otherwise, there’s some trips in Paris and Miami, capped off with with what’s probably one of the last ever sessions on the East River Park Amphitheater ride-on ledge.

Summer isn’t over until you kickflip over your crew chilling in a hot tub, yaknow?

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#TRENDWATCH2022: The City Is Covered In Eggs

Nobody is mistaking today as any sort of golden age for public space. The “granite cathedrals” that Village Psychic wrote about are at the mercy of time and preservationists, and for our particular case, whether some crusty building manager wants to knob them.

Live long enough and cultivate an interest or two outside of skateboarding, and you can begin to separate your skate-brain from your other-brain. That other brain doesn’t need to go to design school to deduce that the new Love Park sucks, or something as insignificant as that corner of Spring and Sixth is a fucking horrendous place to invite the public to spend their time in.

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Kyler Garrison’s “kg.” Part For Emage

New Hopps pick-up, Kyler Garrison — who you might remember going perpendicular down D7 on two wheels in the Hopps x Labor edit — has a new part out for Emage Skateshop. Starting in Denver, stopping over in Chicago, and rounding out the final half in New York, it’s one of those parts that just gets better as the minutes progress.

Everybody can run through the list of the famous spots here or any city, but this one especially feels like it has a focus on cuttier mid-route landmarks where the tricklist is less tangible: the chained marble circle between Labor and Hawa Juices, the Max Palmer Fountain, or those two eggs by BAM that we always notice the marks on, but wonder what people have actually pulled off on them.

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