City in Smoke

When you hear Lenox has the fire wifi…

Naquan Rollings dropped a quick edit of his crew’s first session down the Brooklyn Banks 9. There are some beautiful pieces of flip trick #form in there.

Not even a few hours after it finished, the YouTubers compiled all the stories and Insta posts of the footage from the Hardies x Supreme event at 12th and A this past Saturday. Features obviously Tyshawn, but also Karim Callender, Troy Gipson, and Who Kid in the dunk tank.

Aaron Herrington and Lurker Lou hit the Staten Island flatbar park and more in the latest installment of Village Psychic’s “Lurking With Lou” series.

NJ Skateshop turned 20 this year. To commemorate the anniversary, they dug into the tapes from a crew trip to Portugal in 2010 that includes footage of Zered, Quim, Louie Bareletta, Ron Deily, and more. It’s a real fashion time capsule of grey jeans and microchecked button-up shirts 👕

Brandon James A.K.A. NevaSkimp filmed a quick “Day in the Life” thing around Astor Place for Grand Collection.

“Do you have a signature dance move?” Jenkem hit a dancehall party with Eli Reed.

The entire Limosine team went on a trip to Austin, Texas. That wall to mini hubba thing at the end was purposefully designed by the engineers for Max Palmer.

Nicole Hause is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Farran Golding investigated the “calculated lunacy” of Jack O’Grady with many of his collaborators for Free.

This was beautiful: A dive into how and why Wes Kremer continues to live life on a flip phone and avoid social media. Simple Magic wrote about the piece’s beauty. “I get lost a lot, but you get to learn the landscape. It’s always 50/50. You’re either going the right way or the wrong way.”

“Skateboarders repair—and care for—material objects and surfaces for the use of other skateboarders, not the greater public good. These acts are most effective when barely visible, and knowledge of the skills and equipment needed for these acts is shared as an important cultural ethos, spreading these acts across time and space.” An academic paper on the art of spot repair? Yes.

Lil’ Wayne doesn’t remember any of Tha Carter albums, but we’re expected to remember that some trick on the countdown was actually A.B.D. in some dudes from Tennessee’s 2017 “Summer Trip to New York” montage?

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Quick bit of Kyler Garrison loosies.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Yeah, we might be off until October…

Quote of the Week 🗣 — “The smoke in New York looks fucked. Is even Blue Park orange now?” — Charles Rivard

No bow and arrows, Harold.

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  1. Gawddamnnn i havent listen to the mobbb in forever. Might be the hardest album opener in history.

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