Kicked Out of Nowhere

Scumco seems to be shutting its doors. “Fading into oblivion” is how they worded it. Boards + more are on sale on their webstore if you’re looking for one last ride ❤️

Better late than never! Thrasher uploaded the edit of Tyshawn’s S.O.T.Y. trip to Australia from last year after it being stuck in music rights limbo forever. The footage of the backside flip from the cover is so nuts. Co-starring Will Jones.

Tipping Points is a sick upstate New York-based video by Taryn Ward with parts from Japhey Dow, Justin + Nate Grzechowiak, Jonny Goupil, and more.

Nico Marti made a 35-minute bro-cam video in the Krooked Gnaughty mode alongside his crew filming for Late Nite Stars’ O video.

“Kader in New York” is a mini part-ish promo for Kader’s new Adidas shoe by Greg Hunt, costarring Mike Ward and Kris Brown.

Isaac White has a full part out for Vague, including the end trick from their cover. Big year for Battery Park City clips. *Abe Simpson Voice* “Back in my day, you’d get chased out the second you threw your board down” */end Abe Simpson voice*

5301’s STK video showcases the scene popping down in Charlotte, North Carolina + the crew around Black Sheep Skateshop. Lots of New York footage + including the hardflip down the Forsyth set from last week’s Top 10.

I’m Thinking” is a new part by Amin Sharif and Leo Cienfuegos. Mainly L.A. footy, but a decent batch from a New York trip. That ride on nosegrind revert over the steps was wild.

Frog uploaded some bonus clips from Evan Wasser’s “Sk8 Prodigy” part.

Completely missed Tony Hawk in The New Yorker. Nowhere to skate in the 80s?!

From Mosquito Beach to Big Screen in Blaine Williams’ new edit, “Reverse Nightmare Tower.”

ICYMI: Our friends from Duplex have a new installment of “Low Rent” up on Thrasher.

“It’s definitely in that ‘old internet’ bucket for me — a place for fans of something, not owned by one of the big internet platforms, with professionals writing editorially independent text about something I care about. It’s also refreshingly something you have to seek out, type the domain name in your browser, instead of running across it in a feed with no control. How much more of that will we get?” Never been plugged into the Pitchfork universe, but it’s hard to read this and not pine for the days when the internet wasn’t just five platforms running everything.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — 12 minutes of Louie Lopez loosies + four minutes of Brian O’Dwyer + four minutes of Lucas (!) + 2:30 of Jaakko x MF DOOM.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Luka’s And1 mixtape pass …in a win v.s. the Knicks.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Gentleman Discussing #Content: “It’s so hard finding those ‘day in the life’ video ideas that are 15% different from all the other ones, that’s why ‘$100 Chill‘ is the best.”
Rob Harris: “You should just do ‘$200 Chill.'”

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  1. Honestly respect a company bowing out rather than milking it until it gets cringe.

    A cool QS piece idea would be a history of bowing out gracefully in skateboarding.

    Scum Co, NY Skateboarding, Heath, who else?

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