‘Nice To Meet You, I Run a Core Skate Brand’


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“I can’t talk to these people about Thug Motivation when we have fake money in the boxes.” Thanks for everything man #july26ththeboydeliveredaclassic

Damn, the dude on the New Yorker cover can barely even ollie.

Free Skate Mag has another Lucas Puig Instagram remix, edited to that Young Thug song that everyone really tried to make happen #in #da #club at the start of the summer but already forgot about. Works great for the vid though.

The “Summer Trip to New York” edits are finally starting to roll in! As is the DS2 music supervision! Thought it was a drought! D.C’s Palace 5ive rolled up to New York for a bit and came back with a five-minute VX montage.

Someone made a new Cyrus Bennett remix with a bunch of his HD video blog footage.

Kareem Campbell still got it.

Quick two-minute montage with a bunch of Bronze affiliates and a three-minute montage with a bunch of dudes from the Bronx.

Whatever, DJ Khaled is still one of my favorite skaters.

Amazing that a lot of these European D.I.Y. spots started with a single quarterpipe. Or that, like, they’ve been allowed to exist for as long as they have.

Fakie Hill Bomb has a cool interview with Iain Borden, one of the most vocal pro-skateboarding architecture academics, about the future of integrating skating into modern public spaces (e.g. hopefully this.)

Diamond Days #82.

Making It Happen is a new all-New York vid coming out later this year. Teaser here.

The Times put together a “where are they now?” feature for that movie that skaters really like on the occasion of its 20-year-anniversary.

Spot Checks: There’s a new wallie thing behind T.F. and a BMW at Lenox.

Quote of the Week: “I watched Wild, it was like a fakeass Into the Wild.” — E.J.

In case you haven’t already heard / seen: the NYPD installed a police tower in the middle of Tompkins. Be careful doing whippits behind the basketball court after you lose on a nollie flip in S.K.A.T.E.

Going Solo, First CD Out That’s Not Slow-Mo

After repeatedly giving The New York Times a hard time about this awful article, we have to give them credit for a great Times Magazine feature on skateboarding in Uganda. Is there any way this generation’s student loan debt could get funneled towards building skateparks in Uganda instead of going back to some stupid bank?

Also in the realm of reputable-mainstream-publications-writing-about-skating, The New Yorker has a solid article about Transworld‘s “30 Most Influential” list. (Here’s the QS post from last winter regarding the “most influential” subject.)

Most have seen this by now, but Josh Stewart filmed a “Night in the Life”-type segment with Jahmal Williams and the Hopps team for the “RIDE” channel on YouTube. Jahmal Williams footage + black & white = always a win.

“As PJLWHL recedes into skate lore, the narrative of how a couple dudes from Boston with impeccable musical taste founded a shop that produced the one of the most transcendent video parts ever remains almost as interesting as the video itself. Shit would be a sick movie. Kids meets Empire Records, if you will.” Frozen in Carbonite on The Beatles, The Stones, Oasis, Stereolab, dubbing skate videos, PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life, Palace, and City of Rats.

Cutty Brooklyn spots and annoying video effects. Thanks, art school.

One of those kids who slept outside Supreme for a pair of sneakers last week got caught out there so bad. “Sneaker culture” taking cues from frat / drunk-white-people-at-college-parties culture.

Coda Skateboards took a trip up to Boston.

There’s another part from the 2nd Nature-endorsed PFP2: See You Lazer video on YouTube. That bump-to-5050 on University and 13th is gnarly (@ 1:15) considering he’s more-or-less grinding a concrete booger sticking out of a wall.

People are making ceiling fans out of skateboards. People are bored.

In a tremendous blow to the world of online skateboarding content, Skate.ly removed all 411 issues from its library. Does anyone have a link for the Roc-A-Fella issue?

Spot Updates: 1) The Parks Department filled in the crack at Tompkins. E.J. is bummed. This entire article is now outdated. 2) Those rails on 95th and Columbus, which maybe three people skate every year, are blocked off by scaffolding.

Quote of the Week: “My day date got rained out, so I texted her that night saying ‘It looks like a dry evening, unless I make you wet later.'” – G-Man

Slim Thug, T.I. & Bun B > Clooney, Cube & Wahlberg > Rick Ross, Dr. Dre & Jay-Z

Monday Night Hyperlinks

Some things to keep you busy while wading through this unpredicted rain and preparations for the remaining portions of beloved fashion week.

There are a whole lot of flip cam videos on the list for the week, so we’ll just throw them into one long-winding list. Hopefully, the arrival of more innovative pieces of glass will take up a sizable market share of the acceptable skateboard video production equipment. (Spotted via RE1000.)

– The roster comes first, so here is Mooney’s flip cam video featuring a golden era of New Orleans rap soundtrack, him shooting bottle rockets into Elizabeth Street, and skatepark footage.

– Westchester County’s Second Nature Skateshop grabbed a bunch of Dusty Fingers compilations and edited them alongside a solid six-and-a-half-minute-long montage of their team. Features Burton Smith and Brian Brown cameos.

A quick digi cam video from New Jersey via the Jaundice Crew / Adam Abada.

– A clip of Yaje and some others skating around places that admirably aren’t 12th and A. This one doesn’t seem to have been filmed on an iPhone, which is probably why it involves actual skate spots. Hollywood skates to the “Pretty Boy Swag” remix, which seems to have taken the title of “song of the summer,” neglecting the fact that nobody really listens to it past the 1:20 mark. Other skateboard related pretty-boy-swagisms.

The Pryce Holmes Super 8 reel.

Ethnically-themed skateboard companies are usually hit-or-miss, seeing as how they can be either the second or third greatest skate company of all-time (I know there are white people on it, shut up), or a bunch of closet white supremacists, but either way, Quartersnacks backs any company that backs Joseph Delgado.

Rob Campbell skates the Banks uphill in his latest Airspeed shoes commercial.

Even though everyone has seen this Japanese Jason Dill video interview by now, he touches upon a very valuable point in it: destroying property. Something so crucial to skateboarding’s heart is doing just that, and it will never be replicated by the Bronx park, the new Westside Highway park, or the Astoria park.

Full Bleed seems to have reached the upper echelons of attention within the journalistic world, because it got a brief feature from The New Yorker.

Element got Danny Barley back on board. If you need a reminder of his status as one of the most well-versed individuals in the art of skating in the middle of street, please watch this. (The picture quality is unfortunately, pretty awful.)

The most important news of the day: Roctakon is on Twitter.

Quote of the Week:Yo! This is like, my FAVORITE song of ALL-TIME!” – Sketchy-looking white dude from Yonkers who walked into Supreme while this song was playing

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