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Karim by Atiba 📷

Pocket set out to capture the endless good vibes that emenate when you’re kicking it with Karim Callender for their “Followed” series. Yeah, they succeeded ❤️

“I don’t want to be the first skateboarder to skate the ramp and the first skateboarder to break the museum.” Alexis Sablone spoke to the New Yorker about being the first person to ever skate inside the Guggenheim for her Converse pro model commercial.

The Lookback Library got ahold of Gino Iannucci to talk about his two magazine covers — both switch flips and both from 2004. (How the hell has Gino only had two covers? Especially coming from the era where there were four or five magazines?!)

“Rumor has it that part of the Brooklyn Banks is re-opening soon. Any truth to this?” Jenkem got Steve Rodriguez on the horn to get a clearer picture of the Banks’ reopening and pending restoration. The zone by the nine looks like it’s due for phase one (it’s already been de-weeded), with the small Banks next, and the big ones furthest down the road.

Monica Torres hits a bunch of New York spots in her new part for OJ Wheels.

ICYMI: Ian Browning and Village Psychic did a skater’s take on The Cut’s viral “New Rules” article from earlier this year, giving etiquette guidelines on everything from selfie filming to not fanning out on pros.

Also ICYMI: Andrew Murrell and Alex Coles collaborated on a video essay chronicling all the ways skateboarding irrevocably changed in 2013 — from Supreme becoming the bellwether that the Crailtap camp once was, to the introduction of IG video, to everybody leaving their longtime sponsors.

Boil the Ocean wrote about Matt Militano’s Veil part, which is not online yet. Also, it was impossible not to get stuck staring at that linked Simpsons graph.

Brianna Delaney, Brian Reid and Spencer Hamilton went on a Barcelona mission for Grand, which included cameos from Wade Desarmo and Tom Penny. Was about to be like, “Whoa is this the first time Wade has actually skated to Drake?” but then they only used the Jay-Z part ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Always preferred the Migos’ version of “Pound Cake” though. “Don’t act like you don’t know what beat this is.” Rest in Peace Takeoff.

“DIY spots provide the most all-encompassing third-place experience.” Cole Nowicki’s Simple Magic examines the role of the D.I.Y. spot as a “third place” in [skater] society.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Two and a half minutes from smooth operator, Mark Humienik + three and a half minutes from Brad Cromer + eight minutes from the newly pro, Rowan Davis.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — James Harden evening up the series . Also, how the hell do you leave Harden open for a corner three in the final 20 seconds of OT? Hell of a performance, especially when you compare it to the Knicks’ Saturday snoozefest.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Remember when we saved Tompkins, and then never went back there again?” — E.J. [Ed. note: We’ve been back to Tompkins since.]

The kickflip front crook on the rail and the bigspin into the cobblestones at Silver Towers… sheesh. Karim has been so good for so long 🔥

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