Frozen in Carbonite Presents — Song of the Summer x Video Part of the Summer 2019: Sponsored by Popeye’s

Words by Frozen in Carbonite

It was the best of chicken sandwiches; it was the worst of chicken sandwiches.

At press time, I have yet to experience the already-legendary Popeye’s chicken sandwich. The saga — almost Dickensian, if you will — continues. First, I called around to see which area franchises carried the sandwich to no avail. When I inquired as to when it would become available, they responded with some variation of “whenever the owner decides to sell the sandwich.”

I felt like a schlub, like I was calling around on a Jordan release date asking, “uhhhh when are y’all gettin’ a restock?” In the subsequent weeks, the sandwich has taken my area by storm, leading to football-field-long drive-thru lines and signs that flat-out say: “WE ARE OUT OF CHICKEN SANDWICHES.”

Like I said, the saga continues…

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Don’t Make Me Remember Stuff

robbie gangemi tompkins

Robbie Gangemi via @zered1’s Instagram

R.I.P. to the best T.F. box in years. It barely even lasted a week. The pre softball permit culture of the T.F. was its golden age. Imagine if the next generation of Americans has more skateboarders than baseball players, and they kick out the softball players with skateboard permits? That’ll be funny.

The editor behind Dog, the greatest remix compilation skate video ever, put together an hour-long compilation of Girl/Chocolate/Four Star tour footage, entitled Super International Tour Zone. Thanks again, you should own a share of the company.

Boil the Ocean rounded up all recent Pappalardo sightings, which mostly stem from his friends’ Instagram accounts. There seems to be a recurring theme of tricks on motor vehicles and 5050s.

Transworld offers a rap remix of Walker Ryan’s New York-heavy Perpetual Motion part, which is bound to put a smile on any backpacker’s face. Speaking of Pappalardo, Ryan’s trick on the manny pad-to-bank at Grant’s Tomb is nuts.

Matt Militano’s part in the \m/ video is great. The line at J Kwon is quite impressive and the hurricane grind shove-it out at Lenox Ledges is pretty chill too. (Lurker Lou is such a dick, man.) You can check the video’s intro here and buy the full thing here. UPDATE: They just uploaded the whole video on YouTube.

Did Adidas generate a year’s worth of content from its summer 2012 New York trip? NY Skateboarding compiled scans of New York-related content in this month’s crop of skate mags, and yes, there are more Adidas New York photos.

Spot Updates: The parks department knocked chunks out of every ledge on the pier next to the Tribeca park, as an effort to ruin them before we got the chance to or something.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Game 7! The only horse we have left in this race is a Heat loss, though the NBA is probably sweating bullets over viewer projections for a Pacers-Spurs finals. Don’t be surprised if there are a few questionable, Miami-favoring calls tonight in the event of a close game…As for an actual “play,” the moment when Tim Duncan discovered he had arms was cool.

Godspeed, Jason Kidd. He retired from pro basketball today.

Quote of the Week:


If you missed the PWBC revival that went live this weekend, check the post below this one. Don’t make me remember stuff.

The Day Skateboarding’s Holiest Annual Tradition Was Corrupted

It’s interesting how quick the consensus on this year’s One in a Million changed. In less than a week, it went from “These kids are all boring, have no personality, and say ‘like’ a lot,” to “I can’t believe they eliminated my favorite skater in the whole thing! Slap is a joke! Lurker Lou sucks!” and a YouTube like v.s. dislike ratio typically reserved for J. Cassanova videos (shout out to RE1000.) In other words, “Damn there are no dickheads this year…I miss Forrest,” to “Lurker Lou is such a dickhead! I’m gonna go hit the thumbs down button on all his video parts!”

Knowing next to nothing about reality shows (shout out to Jersey City), it still wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume there are thousands of heated arguments on YouTube pages of America’s favorite reality stars getting axed too early or unfairly. It’d also be fair to assume most reality show producers judge the success of their shows based on how much people debate their outcomes. Go look at the YouTube page for the latest episode of OIAM to see how that’s turning out. Pretty sure its view count has been significantly bolstered by people returning to argue about stupid shit. Everyone debating the sanctity of a reality show sponsored by Mountain Dew needs to relax.

After you’ve taken a deep breath, and come to terms with the fact that skateboard reality shows and the fates of a dozen kids who got an all-expense-paid trip to New York and free product are not that serious, watch the clip below. It’s a bunch of street footage from some of the One in a Million kids, filmed mostly downtown. That kid Matt Militano, who’s life might be forever scarred because he was eliminated from One in a Million, has a lot of sick stuff. He skates a bit like Stefan Janoski, but with a weirder trick selection.

[ATTN: People afraid of sports, the clip below has actual skateboarding in it. Don’t be dissuaded by the thumbnail.]

It’s edited to the sounds of Allan Houston’s game-winning play from the 1999 playoffs. With the Knicks on track to being the 8th seed this season, we could definitely go for a bit of history repeating itself. Now, we can talk about reality shows, or Jeremy Lin…Let’s focus on Jeremy Lin for now.

P.S. You should watch a Lurker Lou part before complaining on the internet about how he sucks at skating.