It’s Like Zero Bond, But With A Mini Ramp

HARD DRIVE is a New Haven, Connecticut scene video from the younger generation gyrating around Plush Skateshop. We have a soft spot for CT videos on here in general, but this one is very special. It makes a small(ish) city like New Haven feel like a big city scene and a small town all at once, full of night footage and the sort of third-eye-open spots you find when traversing the same hometown back lots over and over. No names, no info, but it rules. Last dude rips.

Most Wanted” is the latest bi-coastal edit from Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters. Ross’ kickflip front 5050 was 10/10.

The O.G. Tompkins bench is at the Star Team Shop.

BARRIO” is a new, all-Bronx edit from the Hunny Dip NYC crew. Kickflip back tail on one of those planter rails is a wild thing to try 💪

“I think I was doing everything a 2003 skater kid would typically do. I don’t really know that I could prepare that kid for the future of today. Like, really?” Arin Lester has a new interview for Monster Children on the occasion of the magazine’s 20-year anniversary.

Louie Lopez and Frankie Decker skate some prop tiles in L.A. for Noah.

“It’s not the plaza skating of LOVE that was also peaking that year with [Josh] Kalis and Stevie [Williams]’s whole movement, but this was more about skating around the city, finding new ways to skate awkward spots, and just seeing the potential in the thing that was right outside of your building.” Ted Barrow talks about his favorite Bobby Puleo part and more for Slam City Skates’ “Visuals” series.

Speaking of which, completely missed this when it dropped two weeks ago: Josh Kalis commentates through his Sixth Sense part, which is now 25 years old. They filmed it in five days! On the other hand…

“What’s it like filming a part for seven years? Just imagine if you started filming in 8th grade, you would be in college now still waiting for the premiere to happen.” Pat Stiener interviewed John Baragwanath for our friends at Vague about Static VI et al.

Rob Taro’s Timescan 2 video is online in full, and Jenkem interviewed him about the project + how much skateboarding in Japan has changed since, yaknow, the thing happened.

Boil the Ocean offers ten additional video parts of note from 2023.

YouWillSoon remixed Guy Mariano’s 2023 footage.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Nearly nine minutes of Troy Gipson loosies + two minutes of Bobby Dekeyzer raw footage.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Jokic showed more emotion for this game-winner than he did when Denver won the title.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “The flight attendant woke me up and said I better get up unless I want to fly back to Montreal. I told her that’s cool if we’re flying back to Toronto again after. Three more hours of sleep, g!” — Will Marshall


  1. as a long-time qs reader from new haven, it’s extremely heart-warming to see our small-ish city get some shine here.

    the skate scene in new haven has exploded in the last five years or so, with multiple new/refurbished skate parks and the folks at plush making a bunch of cool stuff happen. beinecke plaza is a world-class spot too, if you can get some time there.

    sick video.

  2. Was listening to the Soundcloud mix at the end here within earshot of my lady and the transition at the end got me the wild side eye. Thanks.

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