Web Premiere — John Baragwanath’s Static VI Part

The unspoken motto of the nearly quarter-century spanning Static series has been “location, location, location” — each part always feels at home in a specific city, even if it isn’t entirely filmed there.

And the span of Josh Stewart’s sixth Static video feels like it reaches new corners: Trevor Thompson’s Connecticut-heavy hometown part, a bigger focus on the midwest, and Jordan Trahan’s closing section largely filmed in Louisiana. However, six videos in, New York has always been a through-line, and today, we are proud to present you John Baragwanath’s Static VI part, the only New York-based part in the latest project.

John’s part is the perfect Static-y blend of crust, classic spots, and street-traversing choreography — all underlined by an assertive stomp of each and every flip trick. Whether its the lipslide across that bumpy planter rail on 20th and Broadway, or the keyhole nosegrind on that BMCC spot that someone is always stopping to look at but never quite sure of how to skate, the part’s full of those “someone did it!”-moments that help make Static such an influential series.

The video is now available for purchase in the Theories webstore.

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