Where Them Dollas At

Antonio Durao by Greg Navarro 📷

The union reps at Hit You Off Management shared just under two minutes of footage from Paul Young’s upcoming project, Down By Law.

The Hellraiser Promo out of Atlanta has a bit of New York footage and appearances from Ron Parker, Shareef Grady + others.

Something about the colors in this one… Will Lloyd and some brodies out of Arkansas dropped a “Summer Trip to New York” edit.

Boil the Ocean offered up ten bonus parts to the “Best of 2022” discourse.

Farran chatted with Gilbert Crockett about his Alright, OK part.

“I saw that you walked on a runway recently. Were you nervous?” “That’s when I started smoking again.” Jenkem interviewed Efron Danzig.

Some of modern skateboarding’s most iconic beards via Chandler Burton and Nick Boserio + good times all around in Bottom Feeder’s new “MILDEW” video.

Take a tour of Tampa, Florida real estate with six minutes of Dustin Eggeling footage filmed exclusively on the city’s porches. It’s like Magic Mike but skateboarding, and more shirts with no strippers.

Simple Magic has some nice words about the enduring consistency of Sk8Mafia, “a brand that has remained unchanged by time in a way that’s become as endearing as it is rare.” (To quote an old colleague from a 10-year-old Quote of the Week entry: “If you’re from San Diego and not on Sk8Mafia, you’re an asshole.”)

What happens when you feed 16 years of one of the most debaucherous skate contests through a spreadsheet program? 4-Ply analyzed 16 years of the Copenhagen Open.

Insta Loosies Corner10+ minutes from young 🐐 Stafhon Boca, Jake Johnson is ready to go, and five minutes from Tom Knox.

ICYMI: Ville Wester rides for Palace.

If the “hottest Gen Z gadget” is a twenty-year-old Nikon Coolpix, just wait until The New York Times finds out about the hottest almost 30-year-old skater gadget!

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Post-play reaction of the year, 2k23.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “His hairline is very Canadian. Let’s have a long talk with him.” — Sean Kinney

Rest in Peace to Gangsta Boo ❤️ a legend whose influence is as fresh in the 2020s as it was when she dropped two-plus decades ago. A loss that is felt even in skate community given what a consistent fixture Memphis rap has been in skate videos for so many years.

…and just because it’s the most famous one, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth another million replays:

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