Must Believe in Spring

DREWWWWWWWWW. Photo by Max Hull.

Young legend Marcello Campanello is the latest to be profiled on Pocket‘s “Followed” series for a Queens x Tompkins day. Some of the crispest flip tricks in the business; that warm-up over the grate is crazy. That restaurant they hit at the end looks fire too 🔥

ICYMI: Darren Harper’s “Out There” is a must-watch, and a literal representation of the “skateboarding saved my life” axiom that we hear so much. And it is right on time given the uncertain future that Pulaski Park is facing. Some of those archive tricks they run back are still so nuts 🤯

Vega alert 🚨 Buggy Alert 🚨 J.P. Blair went to Spain with the Bronze boys. Sweeter than sangria out a box.

Nine minutes of Elijah Odom loosies!!!

The crew behind the QS-favorite In Crust We Trust and Brick City Street Styles videos is back with a new edit, still covering an array of cutty Jersey terrain (…and inward heeling over Blubba): “Be Water” by Wes Van Heest.

A nice mostly-downtown edit from James Vail in anticipation of *real* spring: “It’s What You Do With It.”

Who needs a skatepark when you have an abandoned gas station via Bust Crew ⛽️

Backing a #longform IG clip remix in our fast times โ€” the very concept harks back on 2016 in the best way possible. Solo remixed all of Brad Cromer’s IG footy for what looks like is a new feature. Fair warning for the sentimental types: a lot of it is at Blue Park.

Rueben closer Grady Smith is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Sunrise Mart in E. 9th Street is closing due to a rent dispute with the landlord. Word is they’re looking for a new location, but the skate to Tompkins will never be the same again. Those onigiri were the most cost-effective, not unhealthy option in the entire East Village.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 โ€” Shout out Saint Peter’s.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Kevin Tierney: “Nobody’s got switch boneless. You don’t got that.”
Genesis Evans: “I don’t want that shit.”


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