Must Believe in Spring

DREWWWWWWWWW. Photo by Max Hull.

Young legend Marcello Campanello is the latest to be profiled on Pocket‘s “Followed” series for a Queens x Tompkins day. Some of the crispest flip tricks in the business; that warm-up over the grate is crazy. That restaurant they hit at the end looks fire too 🔥

ICYMI: Darren Harper’s “Out There” is a must-watch, and a literal representation of the “skateboarding saved my life” axiom that we hear so much. And it is right on time given the uncertain future that Pulaski Park is facing. Some of those archive tricks they run back are still so nuts 🤯

Vega alert 🚨 Buggy Alert 🚨 J.P. Blair went to Spain with the Bronze boys. Sweeter than sangria out a box.

Nine minutes of Elijah Odom loosies!!!

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Catching Up

East 2nd Street & Avenue A, across from the original Autumn location. Thanks to Kyle for the photo. The Astronaut Status birds are a nice touch.

Here are a few things that surfaced in the past two weeks. China didn’t have YouTube or Vimeo, and 90% of the skate-related portion of the internet involves those two sites. Sorry if you’re seeing week-old content, bro.

Sweet Paradise, a once crucial corner of the constantly-declining Barmuda Triangle, is slated to close for good in the near-future. Grab a drink in it’s current dilapidated state, and share stories with some friends. Thanks for the memories, and all the free drinks. Thanks for hosting Galen and Danny’s birthday three years in a row. Thanks for hosting the Danny Weiss Dis-Own-A-Thon. One less place for girls to get a skater boyfriend.

Darren Harper on being “The Obama of Skateboarding,” friends borrowing bullets, partying with Paris Hilton, and the Manny Mania incident.

A weekend in New York edit sent in by a reader. Includes a soundtrack by French Montana (who’s destined to get mauled by a bear for karma reasons), and Jeremy Lin inspired titles.

A 14-second Mighty Healthy commercial featuring Gino Iaanucci, and a 60-second Venture commercial featuring Danny Falla and Silvester Eduardo.

Turns out that the so-bad-it’s-good “masterpiece” ABC Skateshop video from 2000, Remedy, has been online for the past year. Though it’s awful in a variety of ways (what other video dedicates a part to harassing NYU students?), it is still a nice glimpse into what New York skating looked and felt like twelve years ago. Fun watch if you’re bored, feeling nostalgic, and at least six beers deep.

Everyone has seen these Bill Eppridge photos of New York skateboarding in the 1960s for Life magazine, but not enough attention has been given to this particular photo. Proof that time travel exists, or merely Shawn Powers’ extra futuristicly swagged out great uncle?

A story came out yesterday stating that Max B’s appeal was denied, meaning he would remain in jail until at least 2042. Mr. Montana placed a called to Mr. Wingate to confirm that this is all false, and insisted that a court date was imminent.

“Brief thoughts on the 2012 XXL Freshman list — Fuck that shit, doggie — we ova here takin’ screen grabs of that bird in the floral frock wot looked like a sarcastic Brandy from the ‘Feel So Good’ video tonight instead.”

Quote of the Week: “I just realized how sick it is that Brian Anderson skated to a Muska Beatz song in Modus.” — Alex Olson

Back in the U.S. China was tight. Updates resume as normal.

Trying to be around like Boston Baked Beans…

Andre Page — Ollie at Paine Webber. Brian Kelley posted up a quick “look back” post on one of the world’s most enthusiastic skateboarders, Andre Page. We filmed a line with that bench ollie this past December in twenty-degree weather (notice the down jacket) at maybe 2 A.M., so B.K’s words about the whole night thing are on point. A small handful of people could ollie that bench…not that many are doing it when the temperature is below freezing. If you ever want to learn how to properly execute a flip trick, or how to ollie well, go to Tompkins, act real creepy, and watch Dre skate. Somehow beating him in S.K.A.T.E. (once) is still one of my finer achievements.

Perennial Quartersnacks favorite, the Black Ninja, dropped a new part. It’s all skatepark footage, and the lime laces remain, but it is still a must watch. The soundtrack takes a bit of a turn, switching between a rock version, and an ominous, slow piano loop rap song. “Nosestall, tailstall, front shove, hell naw! Rippin’ through the nosestall game like a bearclaw.”

Continuing along with those mentioned in our rap video skate part guide…watch the Darren Harper throwaway part. He switch flips the bench at Welfare Banks, and retweets Roctakon.

This isn’t real, but the kid nollie crooked a triple or quadruple kinked hubba in the new Transworld video, so it it really that far fetched?

Skateboarders are known for being a thrifty bunch, but you guys should probably stop taking those $5 Chinatown buses.

Have you heard about the great Kansas City parking block heist? It takes something like this to realize just how absurd skateboarding looks from the outside looking in. (Spotted via Skate & Annoy)

Here is an interview with Quartersnacks’ favorite Canadian skater, Torey Goodall, who is currently hiding out in Norway. Below, is a five-year-old B-roll edit from Baby Steps. He rips, skates to DJ Screw, and best of all, the edit was done by one of skateboarding’s finest auteurs, Rob Butterfield.

Quote of the Week:You know that Jadakiss line, ‘Gangsters don’t die, they get chubby, and move to Miami?’ Well, it’s ‘Hipsters don’t die, they get sober, and move to L.A.‘” — Alex Dymond

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A Comprehensive Guide to Rap Video Skate Parts

It seems that whenever Jereme Rogers releases one of his “rap songs,” conventional skateboard media outlets continue to grant him exposure. These videos usually draw the ire of those nostalgic for the Coliseum era, when Jereme was switch flipping stairs to Buena Vista Social Club. Even non-skate related circles have given his frequent masterworks of second hand embarrassment some contemplation. We’re all guilty of (well, not Quartersnacks…not until this post anyway) offering Jereme airtime, instead of ignoring him in hopes that he would simply disappear or get committed. He, like many other inadequate rappers, subscribes to the fallacy that equates having “haters” to success. The only way we could win is by not paying attention.

However, his recent rap videos and audition tapes for a potential sequel to Whiteboyz are not the first instances of skateboarders attempting to mesh themselves with the mystic world of rap music. The following is a (cautionary) guide to the occasional rap video skate part, and why it has typically been a bad idea, long before Jereme Rogers made us wonder if he bumped his head too hard when he fell off the mattress in Wonderful Horrible Life.

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