Free Beers At FTC Type Beat

Zach in Newark by George Douglas Peterson

Added Dusty Familia’s “101 Fulton” edit of the Veteran’s Plaza in Grand Rapids, Michigan + Maceo Moreau’s “La Plaine Brute” edit from La Plaine in Marseilles to the QS One-Spot Part Map.

Paul Young uploaded the full raw files to the “Museum of Sex” edit.

“I lovvvveee your outfitttttt. Mwah.” Cee-Lo Champs’ new video, Demon Time, is now live.

Did you think you were going to wake up today and see a guy tre flip lip-darkslide (?) Blubba? A solid handful of crazy shit in the “EASTBOUND” edit from Space Program Board Co.

For perhaps the first time in a long time, absolutely nobody has any idea who the frontrunner for S.O.T.Y. is. Boil the Ocean runs through the likely candidates as we descend into skateboarding’s Oscars season.

Don’t forget to watch a homie video during these fast times dominated by the big companies: “-sigh-” by Johnny De Guzman, filmed mostly in New York with a few Chicago clips. That bigspin front blunt on the bike lane barrier flies by so quick. Had to rewind it three times.

A moody lil’ Brad Cromer edit in 16mm by James Thompson.

Recent Blend 3” is a new VX montage from the Gang International dudes down in the 51st state.

“The difference between then and now, however, is that Decker performs more tactful hucking (ok, maybe Arto did, too), and doesn’t seem to be in competition with anyone else, finding stair sets that suit Frog’s lost-in-the-attic, family-album sensibility toward the obscure, the discarded, the overlooked, and the cute.” Waxing the Curb dissects the Frog video from two weeks ago.

More Frog: Heckride interviewed Nick Michel.

Solo hung out with Polar videographer, Tor Ström.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Lonzo Ball full-court pass to Zach Lavine in-game 360 dunk. Shout out to Chicago, your team is fun.

Quote of the Week
Inquisite Gentleman: “Are you gonna shred today?”
Pad: “I have high cholesterol.”

Though it is notoriously known as the 2017 Barcelona trip where it rained the entire time, one of its most fried quotes nevertheless has the distinction of being source material for #beats nearly five years later.

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