10 Cent Deposit: The ‘Lost’ Josh Kalis Part

lost kalis part

Someone ripped the Josh Kalis part that nobody knew about from 10 Cent Deposit, the 2004 shop video for Premier Skateshop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The part seems to be from the same time period as The DC Video, since the switch frontside flip he does down the double-set also ended up in the bigger part. Much of the footage is “throwaway,” and likely would have never made the cut for a shoe company project, especially considering half of it is in a skatepark. But really, is there anything better than watching Kalis knock out five tricks on a Euro gap or skate a ramp to Triton barrier in sweatpants (more on that tomorrow)? For all the talk that gets thrown around on this site regarding the best flip tricks, there truly is only one dude for that throne, and it’s Kalis. (Also is he wearing red Dunks in some of the footage, or is that a DC model with something that looks like a swoosh on it?)

Thanks to the original uploader.

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