Four Billion Skaters

Photo by Dave Smith 📷

Unsolicited reminder for everybody to get reacquainted with the story of Fred Gall saving the Cambodian monks from a burning building. Shit deserves a 30 For 30.

Tristan Mershon, creator of the Fool’s Gold video from this past May, has a quick new check-in edit called “Almost There.” First time that garage on Crosby and Houston has popped up in an edit for a while ;) Classic spot from simpler times.

“We doin’ shit! We’ve always been doing shit, only now it’s being recognized.” Skateism has a very sick interview with Jaime Reyes.

Farran Golding — the architect behind the QS “Favorite Spot” series — was on the Mostly Skateboarding podcast this week to discuss the evolution of the idea. He even put together a — let’s say “makes only” — remix of the first-ever episode from Gil’s QS interview last December.

Is this the first time somebody used Courthouse as a bank-to-ledge? “Mean Streets Vol. 15” by LurkNYC.

High Snobiety has a profile of the goat Jahmal Williams as Hopps nears its 15th year in operation 🐐

“It’s fun, and if I’m not having fun, then it’s as if I’m doing it incorrectly.” Solo has a new interview with another goat, Jawn Gardner 🐐

Jasper Stieve and Noah Singleton show you how they split a $100 bill for Skate Jawn‘s new “$100 Chill” feature.

Village Psychic has a recap video of their best trick contest on the new ledge at the L.I.C. D.I.Y. / Mosquito Beach.

The Slam City Skates blog has a longform interview with the curator of the NBD archive, which is, yes, exactly what it sounds like 🤯

The statisticians at 4Ply analyzed the shoes, tees, hats and logos that made the heaviest appearances in the Tampa Pro semifinals. Spoiler: Cariuma won the brand-off.

Our friends at Dancer and our friends at POP Trading Co. collaborated on a capsule + edit that features Hjalte and #QSTOP10 mainstay, Willem Van Dijk.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: So far, the dynamic between the Thunder and the Lakers has to be the funniest thing happening this season.

Quote of the Week: “I only listen to techno and Young Thug.” — Ben Blundell

Going to drop this here for anybody who didn’t catch it when it was just a link because it rules. Pretty much the only “self-filmed” part that has stood out to merit many repeat viewings in a pandemic full of ’em ❤️


  1. Freddy link is busted, goes to some weird rob brink site that’s non functioning… wasn’t that story told in an epicly laterd? Or am I tripping…

  2. The monk-rescue story is in Fred’s interview on The Bunt at about the 33 and half minute mark, but I feel like that’s not the first time I heard it. Could have been in his Epicly Later’d too. Not sure.

  3. Weird, it worked yesterday. Brink wrote the original article, which appeared on the ESPN site in 2012 along Fred’s “Real Street” part. Found the original ESPN link after some more digging, so it should work.

  4. You just hafta meet him someday at face value ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe let’s sk8 later. if snack sleeps. Still best best bs pop shovit I seen, I’ll dream. If Fred flintstone still believes.

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