Sometimes We Skate & Sometimes We Cry, But I Guess You Know Now …Baby

Photo by Wallacavage

“Kareem was right decades before skateboarding was ready to listen – You gotta break out and I gotta break out – from the invisible biases to the literal abusive behavior, the forces threatening to imprison our edits, our stories, our letters from ever being received.” José Vadi wrote an incredible essay on Free about Kareem Campbell, California in the 1990s, the L.A.P.D., Trilogy, representation, and how it all ties together.

Thrasher just ran a trove of Brooklyn Banks content given the shaky outlook for the spot’s future…

1) A seven-minute retrospective by R.B. Umali that takes a journey through his mutli-decade career of documenting the Banks. Includes anyone and everyone.

2) A photo accompaniment to the piece that includes some never-before-seen images (that Harold switch flip photo looks like it could be from yesterday), alongside commentary from those who were there to witness the spot’s glory days.

“A Sidewalk Story” is a three-minute short film by Andrew Price about Uncle Leroy’s bi-weekly sidewalk sale at McGolrick Park. Lots of a familiar faces ♥ (GQ also ran a story about it.) It looks like Wiggs and co. are already beginning to inspire others to do similar fundraisers, and there is nothing stopping anyone from doing the same thing in their community ♥

Briana King was on the Light Culture podcast discussing her journey to New York + skate meet-ups for girls and L.G.B.T.Q. youth as being an antidote to the cliquey-ness of many skateparks.

Jenkem put together a Long Island spot guide. (Ever since the early days of quarantine, we’ve been at work on giving the QS spots page a comprehensive cleaning and update. It’ll probably be done before the vaccine is.)

Beatrice Domond and Henry Willette put together a quick commercial for her new company.

“MALWARE__” is a six-minute VHS cam edit shot around New York just as the COVID situation seemed like it was beginning to accelerate in the city. Same dudes who did “TYPESHIT” back in the winter.

The Warm-Up Zone considers Mosaic-era Fred Gall.

Village Psychic is undergoing a project where it gets a skater from each of the 50 states to list their five favorite skaters from that state. The first installment? New York with Giovanni Reda. California should be interesting ;)

“I’m down for Nicholas Cage.” The Slam City Skates blog got a skate video, movie, album and book recommendation from Casper Brooker.

Boil the Ocean is back after a bit of a summer hiatus, and considers the various reckonings going on this year.

Quote of the Week
Forbidden Banks Security Guard: “It’s too late for this.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Can we come back tomorrow?”
Forbidden Banks Security Guard: “Tomorrow it will be too early.”

“Welcome to Riverside Skatepark, the first and only skatepark in New York City.” Things changed a bit since 1997. H/T to Village Psychic for the upload.


  1. When restaurants started doing to-go drinks during covid lockdown, they put a sign out front: “Blast from the past! To-go margaritas!” They def acknowledge their heritage.

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