Real Skate Boy Don’t Know How To Work a Spot App

Via Charles Rivard, PhD.

Boil the Ocean offers up some reflections on Knowing Mixtape Volume 2, as does Canada’s King Shit magazine. Agree that “every single clip is extraordinary in some way.” Three-and-a-half years of filming for a 17-minute video has a way of doing that — even the bails they put in there stand out in a very particular way that other videos can’t pull off. Also! Tiago for S.O.T.Y. every year until they give it to him.

This upload is from August, but only catching it now: “Fasuad” is a fun homie video by Marc Pascua. It’s all filmed around the city with some cameos from Mark Suciu, Frankie Spears, et al., and edited to a song that they would play at the healing crystal and plants store by T.F.

Village Psychic and Municipal Skateboards hung out behind some dumpsters in Philly.

…aaannnddd Village Psychic interviewed Pass~Port Skateboards founder, Trent Evans, about their Kitsch video, which is apparently being touted as 2019’s best video by anyone who has seen it. (QS merch is now available at the Pass~portal shop in Sydney, btw.)

There’s a good bit of New York footage in the Gunes section of the new Helas video, Fellas. Nollie back bigspin at Flushing was a sick early 2000s #tbt. We got Pedro Attenborough’s part premiering on here tomorrow, too.

A New York day in the life with the Frog Skateboards team.

Jacob Rosenberg and Bobby Puleo nerd out over a stash of old skate stickers.

Instead of karaoke, a fun party activity seems like it’d be Google image searching “really long break-up texts,” and reading them in Drake cadence over his instrumentals.

“It was as reckless as unprotected sex.” — The Oral ;) History of LimeWire.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Malik Monk for the win. Not really mad at playoff level reactions …a dozen-and-a-half games into the season ♥ Small victories, yaknow.

Quote of the Week: “The best way to deal with winter is just to pretend that it’s lit.” — Andre Page


  1. i sent that drake video to like 200 of my friends and almost peed myself the first time i watched it.

    it’s also true. thank you.

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