Real Skate Boy Don’t Know How To Work a Spot App

Via Charles Rivard, PhD.

Boil the Ocean offers up some reflections on Knowing Mixtape Volume 2, as does Canada’s King Shit magazine. Agree that “every single clip is extraordinary in some way.” Three-and-a-half years of filming for a 17-minute video has a way of doing that — even the bails they put in there stand out in a very particular way that other videos can’t pull off. Also! Tiago for S.O.T.Y. every year until they give it to him.

This upload is from August, but only catching it now: “Fasuad” is a fun homie video by Marc Pascua. It’s all filmed around the city with some cameos from Mark Suciu, Frankie Spears, et al., and edited to a song that they would play at the healing crystal and plants store by T.F.

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Bronze in King Shit Issue 5.4

bronze king shit 1

In a comment discussing “unsolicited suggestions” for Quartersnacks, someone recommended a “focus on the Bronze creative process.” Lucky for the commenter, a Canadian skateboard magazine put a lens on New York’s finest skateboard video franchise, in a feature named after a 1980s TV-themed Canadian science fiction classic. (Canadians make movies besides Green Apple videos?)

Issue 5.4 of King Shit is now available online in its entirety, and features a quick interview with Vine M.V.P., Peter Sidlauskas. Him and Pat have a more extensive one in the last issue of Dank, but they’re old fashioned and you’re actually going to have to track down a physical copy to read it.

Want another “crazy Shawn Powers story,” beyond the famous BB gun incident? One time at a rave after-party in Berlin (yes, the concept of a “rave after-party” was new to all non-Germans present), he was, let’s say “on one,” and dancing near the DJ booth. Little did the majority of people there know, the electricity for the entire place was run through a single, gigantic power strip and socket, conveniently situated behind that very same DJ booth. Well, he knocked it out of the wall on accident, leaving the entire place in utter darkness and silence.

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