Hard To Choose One

Summer 2020 QS goods are arriving at skate shops now. Product should be in all of our accounts in the U.S, Canada, Japan and South Korea by the end of this week at the latest, but Europe and Australia will be a lil’ late. Check your Australian and European locals in early June. Please support shops via their webstores or if any are doing curbside pick-ups for product while they remain closed in some areas. Our webstore will relaunch with summer goods on this Friday, May 22 @ 10 A.M. E.S.T. Top spread via Prov Tokyo.

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Real Skate Boy Don’t Know How To Work a Spot App

Via Charles Rivard, PhD.

Boil the Ocean offers up some reflections on Knowing Mixtape Volume 2, as does Canada’s King Shit magazine. Agree that “every single clip is extraordinary in some way.” Three-and-a-half years of filming for a 17-minute video has a way of doing that — even the bails they put in there stand out in a very particular way that other videos can’t pull off. Also! Tiago for S.O.T.Y. every year until they give it to him.

This upload is from August, but only catching it now: “Fasuad” is a fun homie video by Marc Pascua. It’s all filmed around the city with some cameos from Mark Suciu, Frankie Spears, et al., and edited to a song that they would play at the healing crystal and plants store by T.F.

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Film Review: Waiting For Lightning

Waiting For Lightning is part Danny Way biography, and part rationalization of how Way’s two decade-spanning career reached its current stage of “Evel Knievel stuntman shit.” The first half of the documentary operates as an Epicly Later’d-esque clip show narrated by Way’s family and friends, while the other is a two-month countdown chronicling the preparation for his jump over the Great Wall of China. The two stories gradually tie closer together, with the biography serving as a primer for the sight of Way skating over a manmade object once assumed to be visible from outer space. (It’s not, but still.)

In a way, the film has been in the making for over twenty years. It is directed by Jacob Rosenberg, who had met Way in the H-Street days, and filmed him for the company’s now-classic videos. Their collaborative relationship carried over to Plan B, and has continued ever since. Rosenberg took a deep dive into dusty tape boxes to provide the film with plenty of unseen archival footage and skate nerd trivia, touching on the Bones Brigade, Del Mar Skate Ranch, H-Street, Plan B, etc. in the process.

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