Day Poker

We really blew it on missing this one in the 2017 color coordination piece. Iconic tho.

Here’s an eight-minute recap of the Hardies event at Blue Park this past Friday, which includes the best angle of Tyshawn’s kickflip over the table longways thus far.

The Man Who Films spent a lot of time in Rockaway this past summer and made a fifteen-minute video entitled “Beach Genius.” Everyone knows that Rockaway isn’t the most abundant part of the city for spots, so shout out to those guys for managing to avoid all the skateparks in all but one clip. Includes a mini Phil Rodriguez section where he somehow turns one of those blue bus shelters into an actual bank. And it’s also perhaps the first time in human history that there’s been a transition from Nicki Minaj to …MF Doom. Good vibe the whole way through, and the right amount of ~different~ ♥

“It was very bad for skateboarding but we tried to get the most of it.” SPEAKING OF being ~different~ and not having spots, the office-favorite Absurd Skateboards out of Russia went to a city (if you call a place with 9,000 people a “city”) called Dno, which translates to “The Bottom” in Russian — for pretty much a joke. The edit they came back with is consistent with the fact that it looks NOTHING like what anyone else is putting out there in the skate media world. They have a gift for making bits of Russia look like another planet.

The present moment is what makes a good skate trip y’all. Stay the fuck off them phones ;) A couple German dudes spent seven days skating New York and tried to do something — you guessed it! — a lil’ bit different! “Maximum Success” is a New York trip edit about making a New York trip edit.

Dime premiere x Live at Olympic Stadium recaps via… The New York Times, GQ Magazine, and Skate Jawn. Yes, the people responsible for the first two links skate.

i-D magazine did an article about Labor and interviewed a bunch of the locals who lurk there.

Milan’s Skate Muzik podcast has a house-heavy 90-minute mix from young Centrale legend, Jacopo Carozzi.

Theories’ wheel brand, Dial Tone, has a new promo out, and it features Alexis Sablone, Jahmal Williams, Jordan Trahan + a few others.

Can confirm multiple Keith Denley sightings in this Nike SB wear test video from Chicago.

Boil the Ocean considers the evolution of Mark Suciu’s pants choices, and Mark Suciu considers the evolution of enders in video parts over the years.

“I mean, can you imagine the baseball — or in maybe in your U.K. case a better analogy would be football — community coming together and rallying around someone’s art show at the local sporting goods store?” Slam City Skates interviewed Sean Cliver.

New Skate Shop Alert: Tenant NY at 1096 Dekalb — just off the Kosciuszko J train stop in ~Bushwick — is open for business.

Quote of the Week: “Day poker is actually like night skating.” — Charles Rivard

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