Beach Day! — A Quick Look at the Remodeled Rockaway Beach Skatepark

“Wait…there’s beaches in New York?”

These are the sort of questions asked by people who have only looked at maps with pins to spots on them. Even then though…sheesh.

(And yes, have heard this question posed more than a handful of times in life.)

For years, a beach trip with a pitstop to the Beach 91st skatepark has been a summer ritual. The park’s longstanding wooden incarnation, by modern standards, was shoddy. It looked exactly like the sort of beachfront skatepark you would’ve expected a city to build in 2004.

But it had charm. It had character. It was battered. It was beautiful.

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The 2019 Quartersnacks Year in Review: 25-16

2019 was a year where the the past was rousted up to contend with the future — we listened to new Max B off a DatPiff stream while acknowledging that our existence rests at the mercy of rats plotting a takeover of mankind. Jeremy Lin became an NBA champion, the Knicks lost the lottery, and the gods just laughed and laughed.

Here are the developments that loosely defined the past 12 months in New York skateboarding.

Past Editions: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

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Day Poker

We really blew it on missing this one in the 2017 color coordination piece. Iconic tho.

Here’s an eight-minute recap of the Hardies event at Blue Park this past Friday, which includes the best angle of Tyshawn’s kickflip over the table longways thus far.

The Man Who Films spent a lot of time in Rockaway this past summer and made a fifteen-minute video entitled “Beach Genius.” Everyone knows that Rockaway isn’t the most abundant part of the city for spots, so shout out to those guys for managing to avoid all the skateparks in all but one clip. Includes a mini Phil Rodriguez section where he somehow turns one of those blue bus shelters into an actual bank. And it’s also perhaps the first time in human history that there’s been a transition from Nicki Minaj to …MF Doom. Good vibe the whole way through, and the right amount of ~different~ ♥

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