The Aquatic Skate Video Event of the End-of-Summer Season — ‘Beach Genius H2.0’

Some of you might remember Thom Musso A.K.A. The Man Who Films’ Beach Genius from 2019. It was a video that stretched everyone’s summer routine of kinda-skating Rockaway for an hour before hitting the beach into a full concept project filmed entirely on the Rockaway peninsula — a place not exactly known for its abundance of skate spots (outside of a famous square rail.) It was a QS office favorite that year.

In the four years since, the same crew pursued an expanded concept of focusing on not just Rockaway spots, but a myriad of spots that revolve around water, though not necessarily a plunge into Phil Zwijsen-level water sports. The spots in Beach Genius H2.0 are all either coastal towns, seawalls, boardwalks, broken piers, or abandoned boats — right through to playgrounds centralized by their spray fountain features. Definitely a fun watch as the sun begins to set on 2023’s beach season.

Feel like all the beach geniuses in this video would get along well with the Euro scenes that thrive on “boardwalk crust” — like the videos out of Jersey [the island] or Biarritz.

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