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Love this photo • Genesis Evans by Ryan Mettz ❤️

Has anyone coined the term “Boardwalk crust” yet? Like, it’s regular crust, but windier with more weathered wood. (The Pandora’s Box video, Vague‘s “Maritime” edit, and “Jacky Biarritz” are the most obvious recent examples.) Anyway, Devon Connell made a full-length video out of Atlantic City, NJ that fits the bill, and Skate Jawn has Jason Klotz’s part from it.

Some raw iPhone footy via Naquan and crew in anticipation of the summer.

Alex Greenberg uploaded a quick HD edit of a bunch of the Homies Network dudes.

“Simply put, there are only so many notes in music, and only so many possible variations in what you can do with a skateboard.” Dr. Paul O’Connor talks corollaries between skating and jazz in his review of Sour Solution III.

Joe Castrucci runs through a half hour of Alien Workshop + Habitat lore with Bobshirt.

John Devine hit every hub of Brooklyn concrete ledge skating to Jodeci in his [recycled?] part for Dead on Arrival.

“A group of skaters embark on an epic road trip from RVA to Miami, Florida in a race against time to save their friend’s relationship. The young man picks up a girl at a wild fraternity party and films their raunchy antics. Somehow, the home-made movie gets mailed to his girlfriend in RVA. Can the guys intercept the incriminating tape before it reaches her VCR?” Bust Crew made a road movie. Shout the fuck out to using a song off the Sorcerer soundtrack.

Mess posted their crew edit from the Vans park. Features an Alexis Sablone kickflip + cameos from Frog, Glue, etc.

Skaters have taken plenty of post-professionalism avenues — photography, real estate, photography — but slowly, farming is beginning to emerge as a “life after skating” sub-genre. Boil the Ocean traces the unsaid competition between Muska and Vallely for farmland dominance in his latest. Can’t wait for that Cariuma x John Deere collab.

Our friend Ruben Spelta has a quick section in Magenta’s new video, now playing on the Place site.

QS Sports Desk 🏀 — Finally got around to listening to Shaq on The Pivot and enjoyed it a lot.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Ben Blundell: “I actually like Kendrick Lamar.”
[5 minutes later]
Ben Blundell: “But I don’t fuck with Kendrick Lamar.”

“Today everything is different. There’s no action.” Rest in Peace Ray Liotta.

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  1. One of the best farmers to produce and provide organic goods to the city of New York is Chris Field from Campo Rosso. and he stuck front bigspin down Rollins

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