Weekend Viewing — Dillon Catney’s ‘Pandora’s Box’ Part

We’ve found a particular secondhand joy in recent edits from seaside towns. Free‘s “Jacky Biarritz” still transports you to a place with friends you’ve never met before, in a way that seems especially important during these times of diminished travel.

While the “Whoa! New dude outta Jersey! …wait, different Jersey”-reaction remains the default string of thoughts to the roll-out of Luca Pinto’s Pandora’s Box video, it doesn’t mean we just X out of the window a few seconds in like some fucking psychopaths. Every single part in the Old Jersey-based Pandora’s Box has felt unlike anything else out there. And you have to give an extra kudos to rolling out a video by having each part appear on a different independent outlet’s website: Luca’s on Free, Eduardo’s on Live, and Dillon’s on Grey.

From an intro that brings the amphibious #trendwatch of 2019 to perverse new heights (which only a seaside-bred skater could unlock), to the zig-zag lines in hilly back alleys decorated with unaccommodating rocks, Dillon’s section makes you want to a be a part of a scene where you’re not even envious of anything they skate. There’s always a special charm to a local video with no visible good ground; the entire time you spend with it has a lingering thought of “how did this guy get *this good* with these shitty spots?” And shitty spots …aren’t those how both Jerseys – Old and New — remain spiritually tethered?

There’d be no greater triumph of post-COVID QS content than getting a bunch of New Jersey goats to Old Jersey for a trip. We’re all ears to anyone with the funds to make it happen ;)

We’ll be back on Tuesday, May 26. Have a good weekend.

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