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Not a ton of New York news this past week…

4 Cities, 100 Nuggets” is a mini video featuring some Canadian dudes (…I think?) doing a two-week road trip through North Carolina, Philly, New York, and Boston. That back noseblunt bigspin at Baldi really came out of left field + good to see people coming up victorious over the speed bumps at the recently-knobbed plaza on 110th and 8th (which is sure to be utilized by absolutely nobody now, considering it’s in the middle of the street, with no shade, and across from a 840-acre park full of trees…)

Thoroughly enjoyed this… a lot: Kris Brown in the Philadelphia-based, A Regular Ass Video by DJ Traceman.

“It’s not a boot-camp for the Olympics.” “No, it’s a boot-camp for life.” Given the stature of its alumni, you likely know of its existence, but you probably don’t know much about the skateboarding high school in Mälmo, Sweden. Skateism has a full interview about Bryggeriet, and how’s its not exactly what you would expect.

Brian Delaney and a few others skate some Boston classics in a collab clip between Grand and Orchard Skate Shop. (Is that the first time somebody has backside 360 kickflipped a trashcan on flat?)

Tombo uploaded another installment of “his “Raw Deals” series, which includes baby footage of Kevin Rodrigues and Lucien Clarke + Ben Chadourne in the days when he rode for 5Boro.

Louie Lopez is the latest guest on The Bunt.

Though the squiggly rail 5050 is the thing to go viral, Rob Maatman does a lot of other stylish and weird shit in not-obvious European locales for his POP Trading Company part.

Thrasher put its “Over It” article about sobriety in skateboarding online. Features interviews with A.V.E, Reynolds, Tyshawn, Muska and a bunch of others.

Boil the Ocean considers the 43-year-old Geoff Rowley and his current quest to kick father time in the dick. (Roll call for everyone else who pronounced his name “Gee-off” in their first couple years of skating *raises hand*)

Skate Jawn has an edit from a summer trip to Pittsburgh, a place that seems like it has been receiving a recent uptick in visitors.

“Math sucks, Frog rules,” as per a YouTube commenter. Frog has a new iPhone edit up from a S.F. trip.

Quote of the Week: “Raves require too much effort.” — Bobby Lee