Let It Breathe

Andrew Wilson by Ryan Mettz 📷 via Johnny’s Vid

No way you haven’t seen it but also no other way to begin the round-up: On Friday, Bronze dropped the second edition of “Bronze TV Channel 56” over on Thrasher. Includes full-ish parts from many staples of the Bronze franchise. That CBS ollie into the pit is absolutely insane.

Updated the Quartersnacks One-Spot Part Map for the first time in 2023: Tony Zhang’s Purgatory: The Sproul Video, is a video video filmed entirely at UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza, referred to in the YouTube description as “the worst spot in Berkeley.” (“Purgatory” is a fantastic way to describe the spots we waste away the most at.)

Jake Johnson runs through his history with no complies alongside an accompanying sizzle reel for Skate Jawn.

Christian Henry has a new, seven-minute part out with a hall of fame Columbus Park trick right in the middle. Not on the rail! Not on the two block! And it’s a noseslide!

There’s Sexhippies Albany edit featuring the Vargas bros and the rest of the team.

Village Psychic got the full backstory on the granite Montreal plaza that’s been all over Instagram for the past few months.

“It’s been said many times but remains as true as it ever was — the modern skate scene is built on the impassioned and throaty bleats of the saxophone.” Boil the Ocean runs down the ten saxophone solos that changed skateboarding forever.

Jenkem examines the tricks that were made better by knobs.

Scott Johnston recounts the backstories behind his Slap and Thrasher covers for the Lookback Library’s “Cover Discussions” series.

“The good part about living in an undesirable place is the same as the bad part: No one cares what’s happening here…No one is coming to repair America’s forgotten cities except for the people who live in them.” Rachel Chapman wrote an op-ed for The New York Times telling the story of the skatepark she helped build inside of an abandoned St. Louis church, and the ensuing tragedy that took it away from the community.

“By one count, barely twenty of the photos from Wires Crossed capture the activity of skateboarding. By another, they all do—the sitting, swimming, shooting, singing, driving, and a hundred other doings contained within that broad, enigmatic gerund.” Kyle Beachy wrote about Toy Machine under the guise of a review for Ed Templeton’s new book, Wires Crossed.

Quote of the Week 🗣
[At the Beta Blockers premiere]
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Who has last part?”
Danny Brady: “I have last part. As in, it’s the last part I’ll ever film, not the last part of the video.” (He later conceded that he was lying.)

If you are having a dour Monday, please enjoy this video of Cam’ron going nuts when Ghostface walks into the room ❤️

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