Great Weather For D7

🧢 Classic QS arch caps available in the webstore 🧢

Congrats to Aaron Loreth on going pro for Limosine Skateboards ❤️ Aaron has a new part by Benny Maglinao out. As an added bonus, Farran Golding chopped up the audio of Trung Nguyen talking about Aaron’s 917 #2 section over the original part via Trung’s Five Favorite Parts installment.

Hugh O’Hare + some of the Travel Skateshop heads have a New Jersey-based montage out featuring a bunch gentleman who are exceptionally talented at manuals 📍

EC Melodi has a new one out entitled “Break Your Legs,” featuring favs like Akobi Williams, Coles Bailey, Myles Underwood, and more. Also includes maybe the most insane minute of slams in recent memory towards the middle.

An extensive survey of midwest crust in the Theories x Ace Trucks video, which features full parts from Nick Rainey and Connor Knoll.

Kalis’ “Out There” feels like a full circle moment for anybody who came up on Photosynthesis / The DC Video / “Kalis in Mono.” There was a lot of “changing of the guard” going around after Parental Advisory, Pretty Sweet et al. dropped in 2012, but it’s incredible to see the same dude from those early-2000s videos on an elevated version of the same wave in 2023.

4Ply Mag has a #longform interview with Bobby Puleo broken down into sections discussing skating, art, and business — in addition to some statistics covering Puleo’s videography, naturally.

Village Psychic got the background story on Sex Hippies ☮️

“Tricks though are a different story, where even several generations into the ‘everybody can do every trick’ era, the most straightforward path remains playing to genre.” Boil the Ocean muses on Nikolai Piombo’s part in WKND’s JIT video.

Austin Kanfoush talked about his Thrasher cover for the latest installment of Lookback Library’s “Cover Discussions” series.

R.B. Umali shot the Banks reopening on his Bolex.

…annnd the Banks reopening made CBS News.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Three-and-a-half minutes of Antonio bangers …that went straight to Instagram + six minutes of Duplex loosies + Zion and the Red Bull crew skating the Banks 9 along with some New York-based skateparks.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — The Duncan Robinson Game™️

Quote of the Week 🗣 — “I might unfollow all skate accounts besides @fuckedskateclips. It’s just the digital reset I need.” — Rob

Couldn’t help but YouTube this one after watching the “Out There,” only to find out somebody recently upscaled it 👌

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