Tried To Tell Them It Was Boot Season

Listen to the soothing sounds of Nick Boserio’s voice — like light rain on a windowpane or cascading waves — for over an hour on the latest episode of The Bunt. Bar-none one of the best people you could have on a skate trip ❤️

This is really sick of The LA Times to do: The Oral History of the Hollywood High 16, with stories from many of the names most closely associated with the spot. (#lol at the visible QS sticker on the headline photo.) Can’t wait for The New York Times to do the oral history of the Courthouse Drop.

Our buddy Max Hull uploaded “I’M HERE,” his short submitted to the New York Bicycle Film Festival, onto his YouTube. Not skate-related obvs, but a very simple yet beautiful story :) “We outside, not inside.”

Watch young goat Diego Todd work for it.

The new video from Westside Skateshop by Joe Perrin is effectively Last of the Mohicans 2, fifteen years later. Caddo, Ross Norman, etc. are all in there. Sadly, no Frankhouse 💔

A Sopranos episode’s runtime worth of Tyshawn loosies.

Skate Outlaw curated a collection of Alien Workshop ads from 1991 through 1993.

Down for more random hunks of concrete that were covertly designed for skateboarding to get sprinkled all over the place. Solo has a feature about “The Hybrid Project,” which put skateable sculptures in the streets of Bordeaux, Malmö & Toronto.

“After a childhood spent watching and being enamoured by east coast American skate videos and skateboarders—in particular, one Bobby Puleo—while living in small towns across Canada’s western provinces, the discovery that a person can purchase the ever-elusive-to-me cellar door from Home Depot is a revelation.” Simple Magic contends with the realization that you can just …buy a cellar door. Merry Christmas! 🎄

Last but not least, Boil the Ocean wrote a poem, um, from the perspective of an Expedition One sticker from 2014.

Spot Updates: Hardly anybody’s favorite spot, but the Bellevue Park is under construction for the foreseeable future.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Vlatko Cancar with the weirdest buzzer beater to happen in an NBA game in a long time.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Baker: “What are we doing today?”
Pad: “Giants play at 1.”
Baker: “What the fuck does that have to do with me?”

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