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The Honorable Max Palmer with a cab-art ride seen in “Mettz Quest” • Photo via Paul Coots • Max also has a couple of clips in the Nike SB edit for the Faust Dunk release.

Summer’s over, school’s back, and it’s fashion week, baby! 👠 To celebrate, we’re doing a big sale on the webstore to help us clear out in anticipation for the fall. Use the discount code ENDOFSUMMER at checkout for 40% off. Expires E.O.D. on Friday, September 9. Tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend 💆🏼‍♀️ (Doesn’t apply to wax or sticker packs you sicko.)

“This skateboard rivalry is getting downright gnarly.” Pretty sure everybody agreed to move on from the A.V.E. bench’s relocation from New York to Philly after a string of memes last week, but then… the New York Post decided it was newsworthy, right down to quotes from A.V.E. and Harry Bergenfield. Didn’t have that one on the 2022 bingo board, that’s for sure…

“There are only so many synonyms for ‘gnarly’ and ‘smooth’ available.” 4Ply Mag created a statistical analysis of 2022 Thrasher captions, in addition to a Thrasher caption generator.

Our friends at Orchard up in Boston released a midwest trip edit late last week.

Skate Jawn posted Zach Baker’s article and photos chronicling an Alltimers D.C. + Philly trip with Elijah Odom and Will Marshall.

In continued exploration of the concept that remixing people’s footage is the skate-equivalent of fantasy sports, Justin LeBlanc imagined a video where Caleb Barnett, Casper Brooker, Deedz and Justin Henry all skate for the same team.

Village Psychic got the B-roll part from Marcus Eagel before the A-roll in Mike Sass’ new video.

Boil the Ocean considers the return of Aesthetics and the new Danny Renaud part.

“Stoic, sneering, eyes bulged, lips pursed, half smiles, tongues sneaking out the corner of the mouth—the contortions are only limited by the number of skateboarders making them.” Simply Magic considers the modern phenomenon of the “roll-up face.”

A ten-minute Insta comp of dudes who skate with Johnny.

Theories dropped eleven minutes of Aaron Herrington loosies from the Static IV days.

The payphones went this year, and the MetroCard machine is set to be phased out by next year.

Spot Updates: There’s annoying new planters to move when you skate the south side of Big Screen.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Genesis: “Thought about you yesterday randomly. What’s up?”
Pad: “Word, something good I hope.”
Genesis: “Was listening to ‘Bitch, Who Do You Love?’ and remembered a time that was playing at a party and you were like, ‘For real though bitch, who do you love?'”

This was the de facto mix at the QS office for Labor Day Weekend. Filled a nice void in the Endless Shrimp-less world we currently inhabit.


  1. Thing lasts a year plus in NY out in the wild through winter, softball, parks dept, etc.

    Lasts two weeks in Philly before its on the news and taken by the city.


  2. lmao the thrasher caption generator is so good

    “Suciu weighs in on anxiety, his friendship with Yuto, posing nude for McDonald’s and his humble beginnings in New York. Mission accomplished.”

    “Flipping in and out like a rabid dog, Max Palmer defies death across Arizona’s most desired locales. Get some!”

  3. News stories on the bench continue with a story on NPR’s Morning Edition today. Apparently it’s already no longer at Cecil.
    The story was followed by the local Philly morning anchor giving a shout out to Muni for being on the latest cover of Thrasher.

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