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Spring QS goods arriving to U.S. shops this week. Gonna post a lil’ preview this week. Arriving internationally starting next week and onward ❤️ Online soon • 📷 via Patrick Buckley.

Closer has an extended cut of Louie Lopez’s footy via last year’s F.A. sesh at Tompkins, along with an excerpt from the interview Farran did with him.

Paul Young has a new video on the way starring Ben Tenner (that flick on the kickflip noseslide!) and Joe Russo. Hate that we’re already thinking about 2023 though.

Our friends at Andrew Skateshop in Miami got a feature in Vogue.

“What do you like outside of skating?” “I just try to make money and chill.” Andrew’s Rezza Honarvar got interviewed by Joel Meinholz for the latest Skate Jawn. Run “Yastle” back today.

Our friends at Place mag interviewed Ukrainian skaters Sasha Groshevoy & Kirill Korobkov, who just dropped a new part filmed in Kyiv and Berlin.

“Do you mind if I talk about partying?” Fred Gall runs through the stories of some his most iconic covers for the Lookback Library. They didn’t talk about the kickflip wallride at the Banks, but maybe there’s not much of a story there hehe.

The full SLAG video out of Pittsburgh is on Thrasher in full.

Eight minutes from the youngs out of Paterson, New Jersey.

Yaje has a new part filmed in his Brazilian hometown up on Jenkem.

Simple Magic has some thoughts on catching skaters on Google Street View shots of spots this week.

A 12-minute loosie comp of Patrick Zentgraf, a fave at the QS office.

The Skate Muzik podcast’s latest episode is dedicated to the “BLESSED” soundtrack. Vince had the best song ;)

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Everybody at that wedding got COVID except the skaters and their girlfriends.” — Baker

“buddy” — the short edit Bill Strobeck made for Supreme in 2012, turned ten over the weekend. It was both the first *official* Strobeck-Supreme edit, and was the first Supreme video to ever feature Tyshawn, who was 13 at the time. (Yes, Tyshawn has already had a decade-long career.)


  1. If doesn’t work on my phone at home but does when I’m at work…does that mean I’m banned from home?

  2. I have been working on a theory that skaters don’t get laid as much as the culture gives them credit for

    25% of adult skaters have active sex lives
    25% have long term gf they been with forever
    50% are actually incels, way worse than protrayed

    please discuss.

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