William Strobeck for Supreme: “buddy”

“I used to smoke a little crack every now and then.”
“Hey, I used to, too. It’s not a big deal.”

There’s never a shortage of weirdos willing to have cameos in Bill’s clips. Unlikely financial advisors, John the Baptist, and (hopefully one day) l*ngb**rders dressed as snowboarders rank among the memorable appearances. Below is a new clip for Supreme, featuring Jason Dill and the 13-year-old Tyshawn Jones (he’s a lot better than he was in his last publicly available batch of footage from last September.) Made by William Strobeck for Supreme New York.

Updated with a YouTube version:


  1. “l*ngb**rders dressed as snowboarders” is a rampant epidemic taking over colorado. considering the shearling boot is as bulk as commonplace in the mountains

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