The Perfect 2020 Euro Part Doesn’t Exi… — Weekend Viewing: Patrick Zentgraf’s ‘Kiosq’ Part

By now, the reality that none of us will be spending the money we saved throughout the other three seasons to skate European ledges with our friends has sunk in. So we turn to secondhard means for enjoying the wide-open plazas, which in other years, would take summer priority over any semblance of a savings account.

You may remember Patrick Zentgraf’s Thunder section from this past winter, but his new part put out by Solo feels so much more special — like a friend edited it, rather than the footage being put through whatever impersonal mill churns out truck company commercials.

And it feels so definitely Euro. Filmed on a trip to Düsseldorf — a city from which we can probably name zero Brand Name Spots™ — there is still something to be said of unrecognizable European spots to the American eye, especially in an age when an Instagram account gives you the opportunity to know a famous plaza’s entire roster of locals, even if you’ve never been there.

It is astounding how solid every single trick is: the nollie flip, the nollie heel, the switch flip. While Tiago has effectively done for our collective wow-factor at lloonngg switch back tails what Steph Curry did for lloonngg threes, it is always appreciated when someone makes it look like they worked for it — at least a tiny bit ;)

The overly blueish tint on the VX, the cheesy-but-charming lo-fi YouTube house Isley Brothers remix (a mid-2000s summer in New York sample source favorite), the random ass motorcycle clips — at just two minutes, it leaves you wanting more. I ran it back immediately after it ended.

If a dump truck of skate clips didn’t get offloaded onto the internet each morning, this shit would have its own lil’ cult following, at minimum. But when people see a standalone upload of even 2020’s best part and think “Wait, is this a remix? I feel like I’ve seen a lot of this footy before,” rather than remembering it came out four months ago, who truly knows how the fuck to give anything more staying power these days ♥


  1. i love how the shit that’ll get like #10 on top ten is also the same shit that gets like a 500 word write up the same day

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