Winner Buys Beer

Was tempted to call this a “bro cam” video, but it’s more. A lot of great skating here: “The 306 Video” by Neil Herrick features the 306 crew, and a lot of surprises along the way. Mostly city stuff, with a bit of upstate. The monster shuv 5050 on Courthouse was so sick.

Enjoyed this one a lot: “Lidocaine,” a seven-minute New York video by Robert Marohn. One of the great joys of watching local videos is seeing people find new ways to skate shit that buildings or the city recently skate-blocked 😈 — good bit of that in here, plus footy of the infamous 95th & Columbus brick bank spot.

Ewan Creed — who hasn’t put anything on his YouTube since The Bot Video 2 nearly four years ago (time is insane…fuck) — uploaded this montage of unused footy, with a part worth of unseen Mecca clips at the start, some young(er) Kyota footy, and other highlights from the era when the Broome Street median was a popping spot 🕰

“The secular world shows how much has shifted since the first Choco movie portrayed skaters as literal outlaws.” Boil the Ocean goes long on Bunny Hop, “the Crailtap camp’s most vibrant full-length vid in nearly 15 years.”

Want to go on the record in saying the Top 10 of 2021 should’ve had Daniel Ledermann’s backside flip in there. Legit one of the best backside flips ever done, and watching the new raw files of him try it makes it extra nuts.

Always loved how nerdy Village Psychic is down to get about skate shoes.

Andrew Reynolds skates to Ronnie Spector in YouWillSoon’s annual (?) Reynolds Insta loosies remix.

Skateism has an interview with Aaron Herrington about dealing with alcoholism and the stigma of those conversations in skateboarding.

Kinda shocked there isn’t a larger crossroad of food x skateboarding content given how many skaters end up working in the industry. Danny Falla took Jenkem on a Peruvian food tour of New York.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — “Reggie Jackson literally skips up the court to hit game winner vs Lakers.”

Quote of the Week 🗣 “I’m drinking a …Goose Island in Tribeca on a Wednesday …everything is fine!” — Pad Dowd. (Everything was not fine.)

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