In Good Hands — The Bot Video 2

You know how there’s that annoying yet massive subgenre of modern punditry that whines about how young people are entitled, lazy, don’t want to work, and all that stuff? Older skaters, often being the annoying bunch that they are, are guilty of similar infractions: “Kids only skate skateparks!” “Their footage all ends up on Instagram, it’s not special!” “Clothes!!!”

Bot Video 2 is Ewan Creed’s latest full-length video that invalidates all those convenient (and false!) tropes about New York skaters still too young to worry about paying back student loans. Filmed on the late 90s’ camcorder of record and peppered with Spirit Quest-lite camera tricks — while skating at actual spots (ok, they go to the Maloof Park once, but that place is so trash it’s not not a street spot) — the video is heartwarming evidence that simple street skating in this city is in good hands, regardless of what the old guys who skate Borough Hall for fifteen minutes once a month might insist while buying a beer at 3 P.M. ;)

And as an exchange for putting me onto the fact that there’s somehow a better version of The Spinners’ “I’ll Be Around” out there, here’s a hat tip towards the fact that there’s an even better version of that Jonell and Method Man song in existence ♥

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  1. So true. We once laughed and scoffed at older people who spoke of ‘the youth these days’, when we were said youth. Now I often hear my peers speaking of how bad ‘new trap music’ or ‘trends’ are ‘these days’. We once sought the new and abrasive too. We must be wary not to fall into the same trap. *Grabs beer from fridge

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