#QSTOP10 โ€” Top 10 of 2021

Another year of content, another December evening staying late at the office trying to make sense of it all 🔎 As usual, here is a compilation of the year’s pre-countdown malarkey before getting into the clips that made us scream, laugh, cry, hug our loved ones, text our friends, and save for retirement this year.

Hopefully, the chorus of newcomers that was at a loss as to why Tenzin’s nollie big heel would supersede pretty much anything on that fateful late-March week feels vindicated now 😉

The #QSTOP10 desk will be on vacation for the next two weeks. The countdown will return on Friday, January 7. Thanks for watching this year, and even bigger thanks to everyone for clipping up this year ❤️

Original Clips:


Intros via every #QSTOP10 from the past year [link]
10) Max Palmer via Limosine Skateboards’ Paymaster video [link]
9) Antonio Durao via The Hardbody Video [link]
8) Chris Athans via Loophole Wheels’ New Doors Have Opened video [link]
7) Braden Hoban via Toy Machine’s Vaccine video [link]
6) Tyshawn Jones via IG [link]
5) Chima Feguson via Vans’ Nice to See You video [link]
4) Tom Knox via Atlantic Drift’s “Saint Tom Knox” part [link]
3) Trung Nguyen via RESPECTFULLY [link]
2) Kyle Wilson via Palace’s Beyond The 3rd Wave video [link]
1) Jack O’Grady via “Pass~Port” part [link]


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