The Best Skate Videos & Parts of 2021 — QS Readers Poll Results

Illustration by Cosme Studio
Ballot Count by 4Ply Magazine

The votes are in, the ballots are tallied, the blurbs by writer friends from the internet are written, and our annual exercise of trying to combat content fatigue and fried attention spans is live.

For anybody uninitiated: back in 2019, we asked QS visitors for the five parts and videos from the 2010s that they would bury in a capsule under the earth for future inhabitants to reference once all other evidence of skateboarding had been erased. In 2020, we adapted this concept to encapsulate one year. And here we are in 2021, with the results of the same excerise.

No commentary for the full-lengths or 20-11 ranked parts. Special thank you to all the writers that took the time to share some words about their favorites. (Lol that the order for the 4-1 writers is the same this year as last. Total coincidence.) Major shout out to Pete at 4Ply Magazine for compiling all the data.

If you are just joining us, this ranking was voted on by QS readers from November 29th to December 3rd.

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#QSTOP10 — Top 10 of 2021

Another year of content, another December evening staying late at the office trying to make sense of it all 🔎 As usual, here is a compilation of the year’s pre-countdown malarkey before getting into the clips that made us scream, laugh, cry, hug our loved ones, text our friends, and save for retirement this year.

Hopefully, the chorus of newcomers that was at a loss as to why Tenzin’s nollie big heel would supersede pretty much anything on that fateful late-March week feels vindicated now 😉

The #QSTOP10 desk will be on vacation for the next two weeks. The countdown will return on Friday, January 7. Thanks for watching this year, and even bigger thanks to everyone for clipping up this year ❤️

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The 2021 Quartersnacks Year in Review: 25-16

It is December. Can you believe it? The year that began with you suggesting to a friend, “Hey do you want to go to an outdoor dining shack in 18-degree weather with snow on the ground to have a beer because if I stay inside my apartment any longer I’m going to claw my own eyes out,” and that friend going “Sure!” is coming to a close.

As we do every year, thus begins our [mostly] scene-specific Top 25 countdown of things that defined the past twelveish months.

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