The 2021 Quartersnacks Readers Poll

Airbrush by Jonah Miller

Seasons greetings 🎄 It is that time of the year again — the recap tornado known as End of the Year content season!

…and as we did last year, we ask you to reach back in your memory (hopefully deeper than the past week), to write out a top five list of what you consider to be the best parts and the best videos of 2021. The conversations about there being *so much* out there are inescapable, and this exercise allows us to crowdsource a canon of what left the most-lasting imprint on our minds, and present it to you alongside some writing later in December.

These things are always prone to an inherent recency bias, so everyone feel free to drop suggestions that are a bit less obvious than a new F.A. video in the comments. We accept entries for videos released in December 2020, e.g. Godspeed, John’s Vid, etc. because they came out after polling for last year’s edition had already closed.

Voting closes this Friday, December 3 @ 1 P.M. New York time. Results will be presented in December.

P.S. We only ask for your name and e-mail to weed out spam. We don’t sell your info or auto-subscribe you to our mailing list or anything like that.


  1. I’m proud of myself because I SPECIFICALLY wrote down my favorite parts as they came out throughout the year. That way I was ready for this list.

  2. A year ago I took it upon myself to record what I considered significant part and video releases of Dec 2020 with the explicit goal of sharing them right now. By no means comprehensive.
    12/2020 PARTS:
    Joey & Yaje – Visitors
    Elijah – Closeout the Year
    Heitor Da Silva – Moving Viral
    Forrest Edwards – Into the Void
    Jim Greco – Glass Carousel
    Alexi Krasniy – Lenin Plaza
    Jackson Pils – No Reception
    Tyler Dietterich – Content
    Bob LaSalle – Dime
    Tom K – WKND
    Danny Way – Welcome Home
    Andy Anderson – Skateboarding
    Dan Fisher-Eustance – Free

    12/2020 VIDEOS:
    John’s Vid
    Melodi – Passing Through
    Third Shift – Traffic
    Tired Video 2020
    Yardsale – YS2
    Helas – Hotel De Ville
    Nike SB Japan – City Pop
    Low Life x Pass~Port
    Baker 2k
    Primitive – Testing III
    DC – F*** 2020
    WKND Scandinavian Infrastructure
    Homies 2

  3. skaters: wow there’s so much and i don’t remember any of it


  4. Shit looked up all the 2021 vids and John’s vid not there. John’s vid definitely top 5 vids, and Cyrus definitely top 5 parts no questions asked

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