#QSTOP10 — March 26, 2021

QS is at its best when the local biases shine bright, and this is one of those weeks ;) Everyone’s seen #2 reposted a million times, but you can never really watch #1 enough times.

Happy birthday Connor Champion & Pryce’s first-born ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @bronze56k on IG [link]
10) Alexis Sablone via IG [link]
9) Lucien Genand via Rave Skateboards’ “ZeN” video [link]
8) Zach Moore via Pete Spooner’s Various Artists video [link]
7) Jeremy Murray via Pete Spooner’s Various Artists video [link]
6) Bobby Worrest via Gang International & Venture Trucks’ “Moretti Made Me Do It” video [link]
5) Alexey Krasniy via “Green Grey” part [link]
4) Sebastianaa Vijebeber via THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT THIS IS WHAT YOU GET [link]
3) Louie Lopez via “Days of Grace” video [link]
2) Jack O’Grady via “Pass~Port” part [link]
1) Tenzin via IG [link]


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  1. jack o’grady’s part is what the boomers call a facemelter

    also tenzin’s nollie varial heel late switch fs shuv body varial to fakie was pretty cool

  2. Bobs line was pefect and Tenzins nollie big heel was def face melter.

    Did u know the Dalai Lamas birth name was Tenzin as well?

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