#QSTOP10 — Top 10 of 2019

Here we are again, at the tail end of another year when 378,553,534 hours of skateboarding were uploaded to the internet.

Chances are, you forgot most of it.

Our third annual “Best of” #QSTOP10 should help you remember …some of it. These are the tricks that got people talking in 2019 — or at least the ones to get them to stop scrolling for a few seconds.

More than ever, there was an extra something to a lot of the year’s standout tricks: the crowd reaction and loft on a certain kickflip (yeah, it got done in an empty schoolyard before, whatever), having to consider how good the filming was on a certain switch backside 5050 while he’s still doing it, the cops charging in the middle of a certain hill bomb, or the surprise ending of a certain series of bank ollies.

The #countdown got some backlash for the selection from “Verso” when it first came out, but we’re sticking to it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Original Clips:


Intros via every #QSTOP10 edition in 2019 [link] 10) Mark Suciu via “Verso” [link] 9) Gustav Tønnesen via “Plazacation: Mallorca” [link] 8) Tiago Lemos via Duets part [link] 7) Ben Lawrie via Nike SB’s Disc video [link] 6) Cyrus Bennett via “Skate Clip” [link] 5) Tom Knox via IG [link] 4) Sean Greene via Supreme’s Candyland video [link] 3) Tyshawn via Hardies Blue Park Jam [link] 2) Simon Bannerot via Volcom’s “Where Are We Going?” video [link] 1) Milton Martinez via “¡DEMOLICIÓN!” part [link]


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  1. Almost all tricks are basic ones done on some fucked spots. I think that is good.

  2. This is just a vine compilation with a bunch of bangers tacked on to the end..I love it thank you

  3. the old town row intro made me laugh

    and damn bieber gotta step his skincare up a lil bit.

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