Christmas in March — New Nik Stain Part + New Johnny Wilson Clip

Wasn’t expecting this waking up on a late-winter Tuesday morning: the first mostly-New York Johnny Wilson Vimeo upload since “Sup World” back in 2016 + Nik Stain doing Bruns levels of charging through the rickety back remnants of the CBS ledges like it’s Love Park or some shit.

Features a bunch of people you probably haven’t seen much from since the 917 video, which should get you stoked for the upcoming …917 video.


  1. JWs videos are (one of many) backbones of an era, thanks for the art and for properly showcasing good skating in NYC — 212 Birdgang is next gotta skate a little better and faster tho!!

  2. Yo Alex Olson afraid of money ?!!?! Like why wasn’t nik 1st pro on 917 ?????that nik stain pro model would Probably beat Nora’s board sales

  3. ^pretty sure 917 is somewhat doing the streetwear-esque thing of building hype with scarcity. But then again maybe there’s more to it that i don’t get

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